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American Superpower Recognises Electronic Cigarette Growth

The Electronic Cigarette Sales Graph

The numerous benefits of electronic cigarettes has led to a rapid increase in sales and consumption of the product. Once considered something of a novelty item, the electronic cigarette has become a necessity for many people who enjoy the sensation of vaping. It is not uncommon now for people in restaurants and bars to produce an e cigarette and take a drag from them.

The impact of the e cigarette is being felt in a number of different mediums. The first television advertisement that endorses the sale of electronic cigarettes is due to be shown on UK television in the coming weeks. Furthermore, electronic cigarettes were the topic of the advertising boards at Old Trafford football ground in a recent Manchester United game.

The convenience attributed to the electronic cigarette stems from the ability to enjoy the sensation anywhere. It is illegal to smoke traditional cigarettes and any form of tobacco inside a public building. The electronic cigarette has filled the niche and met the need for a product that can replicate the sensation of smoking and be enjoyed within any public place.

Like many products that have come before the electronic cigarette, the industry has enjoyed a boon with recent celebrity endorsement. Hollywood megastars Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Pattinson and Katherine Heigl have all been spotted enjoying electronic cigarettes in recent months. This ringing endorsement adds a sense of authority and acceptance to the e cigarette industry.

American cigarette giant Regal Cigs has now recognised the threat provided to the tobacco industry by the electronic cigarette. A representative from Regal Cigs reveals:

"Electronic cigarettes really are the next big thing on today's market. We are seeing more and more people pick up the habit of vaping—and for a variety of reasons. The convenience is certainly indisputable, as people can enjoy the activity virtually anywhere. The long list of flavours adds a certain versatility to vaping that people appreciate—and the flavours that have thus far been introduced are extremely appealing to those who have taken up the practice.

“Finally, though, the influence of celebrities who have been seen with electronic cigarettes cannot be ignored. These stars have introduced many people around the world to vaping, and they have played a key role in the popularity that the practice and the electronic cigarette industry have enjoyed thus far."

With an estimated 1 million people in the UK alone owning electronic cigarettes by the end of 2013, the industry seems set to grow and grow.

29th January 2013, 13:18