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Top US Doc Lauds the Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes


A top US doctor has used his respected Fox News blog to promote his belief in the benefit of electronic cigarettes in helping individuals quit smoking. He goes on to reveal that he believes the product works both psychologically and physically in the battle against smoking.


Dr Keith Ablow has reported that a great number of his patients have managed to stop smoking with the help of electronic cigarettes. The success stories have been so numerate and overwhelming that the doctor has started recommending the device to all of his patients who want to quit smoking.


Dr Ablow is now calling on other doctors and professionals to follow suit and prescribe electronic cigarettes to those who want or need to quit smoking. The electronic cigarette mimics many of the traditional cigarette's attributes so comprehensively it can work as a trusted alternative.


Whilst nicotine is widely considered to be the main addictive substance in cigarettes; quitters have to make a large lifestyle shift to adapt to their new life. The physical act of smoking is something that quitters miss. Picking up a cigarette and pulling on it becomes a natural act that cannot be replicated with gum or patches. The electronic cigarette can recreate this sensation and accurately fill the void left by a cigarette.


Furthermore, e liquids (the substance within the e cig that is heated and inhaled) are available with varying amounts of nicotine included. This will allow smokers who are addicted to nicotine to slowly ween themselves off. There are e liquids with no nicotine in at all, which is perfect for those who want to stop ingesting nicotine completely.


To date there have been no medical tests to confirm all of the benefits of switching to electronic cigarettes. Dr Ablow believes that this red tape is prohibiting the widespread encouragement of the electronic cigarette from the medical work. He enthuses:


“Given my experiences and those of numerous clinicians I have spoken with, it would seem to be a good time to conduct large scale clinical trials in which patients who smoke are given electronic cigarettes by their doctors, encouraged to use them and then quizzed on their use of real tobacco weeks and months and years later. If the data generated support the product, then it may be wise for medical insurance companies to offer electronic cigarettes to smokers.”


Additionally, switching to electronic cigarettes can potentially save a smoker a considerable amount of money. The ever-increasing tax that is placed upon tobacco is beginning to price cigarettes out of the reach of many. Fortunately, such taxation does not preside over the electronic cigarette industry.



6th February 2013, 13:28