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MP Calls for Football Club to Reverse E Cig Ban


Withington MP John Leech is urging Manchester City to reverse the ban on vaping in their stadium. The club have been heavily criticised since revoking the season ticket of a loyal fan who was enjoying an electronic cigarette in the Etihad Stadium.

Manchester City have since relented to significant pressure from supporters, the media and political representatives and returned the season ticket to the unnamed fan.

Mr Leech wrote directly to the club’s head of security asking him and Manchester City to rethink their action and the ban placed upon electronic cigarettes. The club has upheld the ban on electronic cigarettes but the MP hopes this will change in due time.

Mr Leech revealed: “I think City are wrong to keep the ban, but am glad they have listened to representations by me and others and reinstated his season ticket.”

The fan who does not wish to be named, was reprimanded during City’s Premier League game against Chelsea. After having the electronic cigarette confiscated; the fan was handcuffed and escorted out of the stadium. It was later revealed that the fan had started using the device as an alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. 

The city fan was however relieved to discover that he was entitled to reclaim his season ticket before last weekend’s fixture against Newcastle United. He had to wait outside until leaving the stadium however to celebrate City’s win with a vape.

Although there are no legal rulings that impact upon the use of electronic cigarettes; many companies and venues have banned their usage. These companies have cited the difficulty that their authoritative figures have in determining the difference between e cigs and traditional cigarettes upon first sight. Greater exposure to and education regarding electronic cigarette may change this perception and allow individuals to recognise a vaper with far greater ease.

10th April 2013, 15:57