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Diethylene Glycol is NOT used in Electronic Cigarettes


We have been scanning the Internet lately looking for news pieces that we can share with you, and one particular article that grabbed our attention was the article about Diethylene Glycol.  The original myth was started by the FDA and then exaggerated by several media stories stating that Electronic Cigarettes contain antifreeze.   

We can assure you that they don’t, and the following article did a very good job of picking this myth apart.

Diethylene Glycol is NOT used as an ingredient in Electronic Cigarette solutions, propylene Glycol is. Only one E-Cigarette cartridge has ever been found to contain any Diethylene Glycol, at all.  The DEG found that one cartridge had trace amounts, far below than what would be considered toxic.  To further keep it in perspective, that amount is about 1/10th of what you would find in a typical aspirin, and about 1/40th of what you find in a tobacco cigarette.  Even if every cartridge contained that of DEG, it is still 40 times safer than smoking tobacco.  But it is not in every cartridge, it has only EVER been found in one cartridge, period. 

Many of us are fully aware of this, and the actual study the FDA undertook is far less damning than the advisory the FDA issued about that study. The advisory focused on many of the ingredients found in trace amounts, and not in all samples, but to them that did not seem to matter.  Naturally, the media then picked up on this, and as they like to focus on stuff that will keep its viewers up at night, the antifreeze rumour was started.

But we hope we have now put that rumour firmly to bed, as E-cigs DON’T contain antifreeze.   

For the full article read here

18th July 2012, 12:05