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E-cig Gift Guide, we’ve got it covered!


If you are looking to buy a friend or family member an e-cig this Christmas and feel a little overwhelmed with all the option, then use our gift guide to help make the right choice, and please do not hesitate to pick up the phone and speak to a member of the team if you are still a little uncertain. The phone number is 0845 475 3244 or email us on


  • For the lighter smoker - The following kits are ideal for someone who smokes either a ‘light/mild’ cigarette or just on occasion.

 The Microlite Cartomizer Kit £24.99

The Microlite Cartomiser Starter Kit is a small electronic cigarette measuring 83mm.  It takes a 90mAh battery; you get 2 provided in the kit plus 6 tobacco cartomizers with different nicotine strengths, so you can find the right strength for you. The Microlite has a portable charging case to house and charge your electronic cigarette wherever you are, and this device is light and mobile so if you are a busy person this kit would be ideal for you.

If you are a light smoker, one Microlite cartomizer will last you all day. This device also has the option of either prefilled in either tobacco or menthol flavoured e-liquid, or refillable cartomizers, so you can top up with an e-liquid of your choice.

 Hint: charge the carry case fully before leaving the house!


The iClear - £19.99

The technology for electronic cigarettes continues to advance at a phenomenal rate, making this a cartomizer kit with a difference. Measuring 12cms long when fully assembled, the transparent cartomizers allow you to see exactly how much fluid you have remaining. The iClear also has the flexibility to use pre-filled or refillable cartomizers; the latter allows you to top up with your choice of favourite e-liquid.

With the iClear’s unique magnetic USB charger there is no requirement to separate the battery from the cartomizer in order to charge, making it convenient and easy to use.

Altogether a very attractive e-cig at a very affordable price!


  • Now for the moderate smoker - These kits are ideal for those who smoke approximately 10-15 cigarettes a day on a normal strength tobacco. 

The Super Cartomizer Kit - £24.99

The Super electronic cigarette is a popular choice for first time users and for those who want their e-cigarette to look like a conventional cigarette. When fully assembled the Super is 10cm long and has an LED which glows upon inhalation.  With its 180mAh battery this will allow you to use your e-cig for approx. 2 hours before it needs to be recharged.  

The Super uses cartomizers, which can be purchased either pre-filled or empty refillable which allow you to fill with e-liquid of your choice.   The kit itself contains five pre-filled tobacco cartomizers of various strengths, 2 batteries and a mains UK charger.


The Mini Cartomizer Kit - £24.99

Like the Super the Mini was one of the first e-cigarettes on the market, regarded by many as a classic in the e-cig world. It is still as popular today as it was when The Electronic Cigarette Company first started trading in 2008.

The ‘Mini cartomizer kit’ gives you the option to buy either pre-filled or refillable cartomizers which you can top up with your favourite e-liquid, and the Mini still retains all the original DSE901 compatibility.  The kit contains 5 mixed strength cartomizers, 2 x 180mAh batteries and a mains UK charger. The cartomizer holds up to 1ml of fluid giving you a longer lasting vape, with the battery giving you up to 2 hours of usage time. 


  • For the heavier smokerIdeal for those who like a strong cigarette and smoke more than 20+ a day 

The Titan Tank - £29.99/£49.99

The 510 Titan 'Tank' system is the second generation of the ever popular TECC 510 Titan electronic cigarette; it uses a new higher rated battery and a 'Tank' atomiser for superior performance.

The 510 Titan 'Tank' Kit has one massive advantage over its first generation cousin in its revolutionary new fluid feeder system.  The beauty of this model is that you can purchase it as a compact kit with one electronic cigarette or a full kit containing 2 electronic cigarettes.

The compact kit gives you one Titan Tank Electronic Cigarette, a 10ml bottle of Titan fluid, a USB charger, and 3 empty cartridges.

The full kit provides you with 2 electronic cigarettes but two different batteries; one 220mAh battery providing up to 2 hours of usage time and the mega battery which is 340mAh, giving the user 3 - 4 hours of vaping time.  It also contains 5 prefilled cartridges in different strengths, a USB charger, a USB to UK mains adapter, and a carry pouch.  


The Tornado Tank -  £34.99/£59.99       

The Tank system came about from a desire by users to get the vapour production and throat hit by directly dripping fluid onto the heating element, (referred to as dripping) with the convenience of a cartridge system, which hold enough fluid to last the best part of a day.

The Tornado Tank does this admirably giving the user a reliable electronic cigarette that delivers on all levels with a cartridge capacity of 1.1ml and a 650mAh battery that will last up to 6 hours for a heavy user.

You have the option to purchase a single compact kit that contains a Tornado Tank Electronic Cigarette, 10ml bottle of Titan e-liquid, 3 tank cartridges and a USB charger.

The full kit provides 2 Tornado Tanks, 5 prefilled cartridges in mixed strengths, a USB charger, USB to UK adapter, and a carry pouch.

The tank cartridge will give you approx the equivalent to 10 cigarettes.


The Joyetech Ego-C - £59.99

The Joyetech eGo-C system is the latest improvement to the eGo series. At the Electronic Cigarette Company we offer this iconic kit in two colours (Black and Brushed Steel). Each kit contains 2 complete eGo-C electronic cigarettes, along with a USB charger, UK mains adapter, 5 empty tank cartridges, and 5 replacement atomizer heads.

The eGo-C 650mAh battery features a high safety mechanism that improves power conservation and prevents accidental activation. The battery switch also changes colour to represent the remaining power capacity available. The changeable atomizer system lets you remove and clean the atomizer quickly, simply and economically. Use a fresh atomizer for each of your liquid choices or change it out to keep it fresh.

It takes the same tank cartridge as the Tornado Tank, so although you may pay more for the initial outlay this piece of kit will keep you going for a few months apart from having to keep a stock of your preferred nicotine liquid.


  • Traditional tobacco smokers

The E-Pipe - £69.99

The elegant looking E-Pipe is an ideal gift for fathers, grandfathers or for anyone that is a traditional pipe smoker.  Each pipe has been handcrafted with its unique carved wooden bowl, and each one has its own identity. The pipe kit comes with 1 pipe bowl, 2 mouthpieces, 3 tobacco cartomizers, 2 x 900mAh rechargeable batteries, battery charger including EU to UK mains adapter.  With a beautiful presentation box, this truly is an exquisite gift for a loved one.

The E-Cigar - £34.99

The e-cigar is beautifully crafted with a coloured body, red LED, brass knurling and contoured mouthpiece. The e-cigar is a three-part design with a 600mAh rechargeable battery, a secure fitting mouthpiece and dedicated cartomizers which fit between the two. The e-cigar kit comes with 1 spare mouthpiece, 2 mouthpiece covers, 2 cartomizers, 1 battery and a charging unit in a presentation box.  This kit is ideal for those Christmas evenings sat in your chair next to the fire with a lovely smooth brandy.

Disposable Cigar (stocking fillers) £12.99

This realistic looking disposable cigar is the ideal stocking filler for any of your loved ones for Christmas, also great for those Christmas parties after a drink or 3, and is ideal for those who wish to try an electronic cigar before investing in the full kit.  Available only in tobacco flavour, 18mg strength.


And finally, with the right kit chosen,  which strength nicotine should you choose? Below is a helpful guide.


Which nicotine strength should you choose?

Light user

(Less than 10 per day smoking light tobacco brands)

Moderate user

(10-20 cigarettes per day, smoking normal tobacco brands)

Heavy user

(20+ cigarettes per day, smoking strong tobacco brands)

Choose: 0mg, 8mg

 Choose: 11mg, 14mg

 Choose:18mg, 36mg


14th December 2012, 11:30