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Electronic Cigarette Review


You might remember seeing a post last week on the TECC Facebook page asking for your electronic cigarette review's. As always we've had a great response, but to give you some idea of what we're looking for please read Angela's fantastic electronic cigarette review below:

I received my automatic
 510 TITAN 'TANK' E-NIC Compact Starter Kit in brushed steel from The Electronic Cigarette Company (UK) Ltd (TECC) a few days ago, I am always impressed by this company & recommend them often as not only do they provide a prompt service but their customer care is second to none, what a great job they have done in bringing us this bundle!... it's a complete kit including the battery, atomiser, 3 refillable cartridges, usb charger and also 10ml's of tobacco e-juice, in fact everything I needed to get started was contained in one compact, neatly packaged little presentation box!

The device comes in three easy to construct parts, battery, atomizer and cartridge. The atomiser screws into the battery, the cartridge pushes on to the atomiser, there's a lot to be said for simplicity and ease of use and once constructed the end result is a very elegant, slender, stylish vaping device, roughly the size of a biro and very pleasing on the eye! Compact and comparatively light weight next to some of the other devices around, without being small enough to make using it annoyingly fiddly.

The 'plug in and play' USB charger included in the kit doesn't need specific drivers and the absence of fuss and downloads is greatly appealing to me and makes charging very simple, the battery doubles as the main body of the E-NIC and screws directly in to the charger, which then plugs directly in to the USB port on my computer. These batteries can't be over charged so safely leaving it isn't a problem, the light on the charger goes from red to green when the charge is complete.  I'm quite heavy on the vape, so was more than happy to find that when fully charged, I could vape away for most of the afternoon, I do recommend getting a second battery, which are very reasonably priced, in order to keep the vape flowing over longer periods of time.

Following the instructions in the helpful video, which is on the product information page on TECC's website was a real breeze! I screwed the atomizer on to the battery and simply pushed the cartridge into the end of the atomizer which pierced the seal and then all that remained was to fill it with the e-juice included! The easy fill e-juice bottle with its pointed tip makes this very easy to do and though a steady hand is useful I didn't find it at all tricky or complicated, in fact this is a very clean method of filling cartridges that can be done quickly on the go, and very much a 'pro' as the cartridges in the kit are a little on the small side. 

Use of the Titan Tank is 'automatic' and triggered by inhaling in the same way a smoker inhales a cigarette, rather than by buttons or switches, a fine example that simplicity and technology can co-exist quite happily and gratifying to know that not everything needs to be complicated! There is also a blue light on the end of the device which I thought a nice detail, it lights up when you inhale and also flashes once the battery is in need of recharging.

They say 'good things come in small packages' and the Titan Tank Compact kit does back that theory up, small in stature but not lacking in delivery, with a decent throat hit and a very respectable cloud of vape, this is a newer model developed with throat hit and vape in mind and it impressively hits the mark for such a small battery! 

I'll be using mine especially when out and about, as it can claim its place quite happily during evenings/nights out at clubs, parties, drinks with friends etc as the brushed steel version does have a rather sophisticated quite glamorous look and feel, which many of it's bulkier heavyweight contemporaries lack, this kit is ideal for those new to vaping coming straight from cigarettes, but I also believe seasoned vapers used to lugging fairly huge devices around will also be pleasantly surprised with the performance of the Titan Tank, it is stylish, slender, elegant yet practical accessory which is very simple to use and packs quite a punch!


Great review by Angela O'Brian! Remember to always check our Facebook and Twitter pages for more competitions and offers!

13th August 2012, 10:26