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Why is the White Super e-cig so popular?

Electronic Cigarette White Super Kit

Electronic cigarettes have come a long way in the last few years – a quick look on the forums and you will see many different models, and many proud photos of weird and wonderful modifications (mods) that vapers have added to their e-cigs. Yet the White Super is still the best seller on the market. We wanted to know why, and so after a bit of research and asking our customers, we have put together a list of why e-smokers still consider the Super White the King of electronic cigarette:

10cm long – nice length – similar to a tobacco cigarette.

It looks like a cigarette and those new to vaping feel comfortable with this. When you are changing a habit – having something that is still familiar is important – the look of the White Super helps the switch from cigarette to e-cig.

Bang for your buck. The Super is excellent value for money – and to steal another strap line “It does what it says on the tin” (thanks Cuprinol). Basically it is a simple, no fuss e-cigarette that delivers an excellent vape.

Most smokers will get from between 5-8 cigarettes worth of vaping out of one cartridge, depending on smoking style. (By this we mean – how hard/deep you inhale, how often you inhale, etc.)

The White Super is that old faithful e-cig and the one that vapers keep retuning to, no matter how many ‘mods’ or fancy models they have strewn around the house.

From our research, it seems the White Super E-cig is the modest yet reliable ‘leccy fag’ that all vapers own, and now we understand why.

3rd June 2011, 16:15