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Causal Inference? It’s Only E-cigarettes, So Let’s do it Anyway

E-cigarette studies on advertising and teen vaping, stated in their write up that causal inference could not be used - but they went ahead and did it anyway.
28 April 2016

E-cigarette Seller in India Gets Fined $1500 and 3-Years in Jail

Disturbing news emerged last week from India, where an e-cigarette seller was sentenced to 3 years in jail, simply for selling e-cigarettes. He was allegedly in breach of a law from 1940 that sees e-cigarettes as unapproved drugs.
25 April 2016

New Study Finds Indoor Vaping Unlikely to be Harmful to Bystanders

Only one publication has so far picked up this e-cig study story, and that’s the Huffington post.
21 April 2016
Totally Wicked vape shop opens with logo that offends

Totally Wicked Logo Causing a Stir in Kent

A new Totally Wicked shop that has recently opened in Maidstone Kent, is causing quite a stir with its eye catching logo. Cllr Fay Gooch (Ind) has complained to Maidstone Borough Council that the grinning devil is unpleasant and could pose a distraction for drivers.
18 April 2016

MP Gloria De Piero Talks E-cigarettes

We are used to Labour MPs dismissing e-cigarettes, or as in the case of the TPD and more recently in Wales, actively encouraging draconian legislation for them.
14 April 2016

Britons Spent 800 Million GBP on Vape Products in 2015

From 340 vape shops in 2012 to now over 1500, vaping is absolutely main stream. So writes the Economist in a recent article that tries to explain many aspects of vaping.
11 April 2016

Forward Thinking Hospital Chief to Allow Vaping?

Chris Long from the Hull Royal Infirmary believes e-cigarettes could be an answer for the hospital.
07 April 2016

It’s all in the maths with e-cigarettes?

A news article this week in is claiming that smoking is still cheaper than vaping.
04 April 2016

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