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Does vaping make you cough?

Are you new to vaping and find that you cough more than you did when smoking cigarettes?


There are a few reasons for this, and a few possible solutions.

does vaping make you cough?


But let’s start with the reasons:


The obvious one is sensitivity to PG, there are a small group of vapers that have sensitivity to PG.  The reactions can be different, but it’s usually via the skin – with canker sores and sometimes-red itchy skin, but coughing could be a sign.


Your e-cig may be too powerful for you, and is producing too much vapour for you.


Your mouth is dehydrated.


Possible solutions to this problem:


Have a drink when you are vaping – hot or cold, it doesn’t matter, but vaping can dry your mouth out, so up the fluids.


Persevere – people have mentioned that this happened to them at the start, but after a week or so it went.


Reduce the amount of PG in your mix, and increase the amount of VG, as this gives a smoother vape.


Try an e-cig with a less powerful battery.


French inhale-  (this is a new one to me) – this is where you draw into your mouth, and then inhale via your nose- letting your nose take the dryness maybe??


Lower the strength of nicotine – you may have been a hard-core heavy smoker, but vaping is different, so maybe this is worth a try?


And finally, don’t vape the way you would smoke, take lighter draws, with slightly smaller inhales.


If you have had this experience and managed to get through it- tell us how you did it in the comment box below.







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