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To fill, or not to fill? That is the question…

Are pre-filled cartridges/cartomizers better than refilling your own?

Well in my personal opinion I have a liking for both, it just depends on the kind of day I have planned,( or not!) .


Prefilled – I use pre-filled for my Tornado Tank which helps me especially when I have a busy schedule


  • No need to keep getting the fluid out and have the risk of spilling it everywhere, which is what could happen if, I am in a rush
  • Easy to store in my zipped case, just a case of busting the packet open with my teeth.


  • I can re-use my pre-filled carts.
  • Easier to take abroad, these days you have put liquids in a transparent bag, therefore I do prefer to take my tub of Menthol carts with me


Refilling – If I’m at my desk I prefer to fill the Tornado Tank myself.


  • When I vape a lot especially when it’s a stress filled day, I can keep the bottle next to me and top up time and time again
  • If I do spill the liquid (which I have a habit of doing,) I can just wipe my desk


  • Works out a little cheaper than buying pre-filled carts, Tornado Tank,


With e-liquid though there is more flavour variety, which is what I like, pre-filled are good but there is usually only a choice of Tobacco or Menthol.  I do like a change, if I vape menthol all the time (which is my preferred pre-filled cart) then sometimes I get used to the taste so much that I can no longer enjoy it as much as I would like to.  So that’s when I switch and get something a little sweeter and less of a minty taste. I usually go for the Apple TECC Titan Fluid, can’t beat vaping this especially after lunch!


What is your personal preference?   Does it depend on the type of day you have?  Give us your feedback and comments.

Vaping pet peeves.

I stumbled across this great thread on one of the forums, where somebody asked- what are your vaping pet peeves?


Below is a list of the most common – see if any of them are yours:

vaping pet peeves


Calling it a personal vaporizer- of course it’s personal!!


Using the term analogue.


People who try your e-cig without asking


Any one who says there is antifreeze in e-liquid


Uninformed media reports


That e-cigs are bad for you


DOA cartomizers


When folk ask if it tastes like a cigarette?


Is it a crack pipe?


Reviewers who inhale deeply, then blow loads of smoke at the camera leaving their mouths wide open.


Calling an e-cig a fake cigarette.


Hate the phrase vapour, vapers, vaping.


Being told each cartridge is the equivalent to 20 cigarettes.


So, do you have any vaping pet peeves? Let us know in the comment box below..


p.s the link to the discussion is here:



Mixing your own e-liquid part 2; a précis from the Spinfuel article.

This carries on from the blog – mixing your own? no need to be scared!


It’s important to understand the ingredients you will be using when mixing, and how they work with each other. We have several articles already here on the blog about these, so if you don’t know your PG from your VG read about them here -


But the basics are: PG provides the throat hit when inhaling, but so to a lesser degree do the nicotine and certain flavours. PG is thinner than VG.


VG provides the vapour and some of the sweetness.


Always use the best quality Pharmaceutical grade PG and VG you can find.


Nicotine, again use Pharmaceutical grade base liquids such as the Platinum or Titanium Ice.


The ratios of PG/VG/Nicotine strength and flavourings will make a huge difference to the flavour, take your time when mixing, and don’t be surprised if an obvious flavour choice needs a variation on a theme of concentrates, for e.g. – do you need orange flavour, or marmalade flavour? Is it milk chocolate or a dark chocolate that you need?   There is an art to flavour mixing, and the forums are a great place to hang out and see what others are doing.


WRITE EVERY RECIPE DOWN! – This will help in sorting out what is working, from what isn’t.


One final point for today- the flavour can take time to come through – sometimes a few hours, sometimes it may need an overnight ‘steep’.


Again – patience!


Chapter 3 of this will be out soon on Spinfuel, it is a great online vaping paper, and here is the link to Ch 2.




Thinking of to mixing your own? No need to be scared!

Mixing your own e-liquid is a step that most vapers eventually get to, some quicker than others, (I know one lady who bought her e-cig one day, and then bought a mixing kit the next!).


So, if you are thinking of mixing your own, here is some great advice taken from Spinfuel online vaping magazine. They have done a fantastic write up of one man’s journey as he taught himself how to mix his own e-liquid.

The article is in depth, very thorough and I strongly recommend you read it – the link is at the bottom of the post, just copy and paste it into your browser – but basically here is what he said.


Firstly educate yourself,as it can appear overwhelming.

e liquid calculator


Don’t buy anything until you have watched several videos and have a basic grasp of a) what you will  be doing and how, and then b) What you will really need to buy.


Get an understanding how to be safe – base nicotine liquids need to be handled with respect – so think SAFE.


Look at the various e-liquid calculators – and then choose one, it will save many tears and tantrums,  and until you know how to measure and divvy up the base, the diluent and the flavours, keep using it. There are plenty of free e-liquid apps that you can download   and the man who wrote the article has stated his preferences.

Your workspace – again – probably best that you think about where best to do this- somewhere where you can mix safely, and where you have room.


The ingredients – learn what they are – what is PG and VG?  And how do they affect your vape? Which strength base e-liquid is right for you?  And include how much you will make in this, as one person said that a bottle of Titanium Ice can make up to 50 bottles of regular  e-liquid, so the costs savings can be huge.

And finally, know that you will make mistakes. You will make foul tasting flavours, but don’t give up, as this is all part of the fun an the learning curve.


Why it is so important to prime your cartomizer PROPERLY.

So, how many of you have thought you primed your cartomizer, only to fire it up and have a foul burnt taste in your mouth?

Well, you might find you need to ‘prime’ it better.

First of all though,what is a cartomizer?  It is essentially a heater coil wrapped in a wicking cloth, surrounded by absorbent wadding material that controls the flow of e-liquid from the tank to the coil.


Why prime and what does it mean? In order for the cartomizers to work well, the wick needs to be really wet so that it doesn’t burn – as once burnt, not only will it taste horrid, but it will never work as well again. So priming it means getting the wick wet.

There is an art and science to priming, you need to get the ratio of e-liquid and absorbent time correct, too little fluid and no matter how long you leave it to soak, as soon as you fire it up the atty, it will burn. Adding more liquid after the event won’t make any difference, you will still have a cartomizer that tastes rank and doesn’t work well.

So – after some experimenting, Liam over at TW has found that with a single coil cartomizer putting approx 0.5mls of fluid four times and waiting 10 minutes in between each fill is pretty much spot on.

What have you found?

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