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Why you can have confidence in TECC’s e-liquids.

Recent information regarding e-liquid testing has raised a few concerns within the vaping community.TECC Titan e-liquid


Several other branded e –liquids have been shown to contain high levels of diacetyl and acetyl propionyl, chemicals known to cause harm if inhaled over the long term. Diacetyl has been linked to the condition ‘popcorn lung’.


The release of this information has been met with mixed reactions with in the vaping community, with some applauding the bold move of the companies on becoming more transparent and essentially calling out their suppliers, whilst others are outraged at the poor quality, and possibly dangerous e-liquid they have been buying.


But what this has done, (to find the silver lining and the positive spin) is to raise very important questions about e-liquids, about what we do and don’t know about them, and the steps that manufacturers should be taking.


The research and knowledge surrounding e-liquids is always improving and expanding, but it behoves e-liquid companies to keep up to date.


E-cigarettes are under such scrutiny at the moment; this is not a good time for the industry and finding such poor results hands the industry to the naysayers on a plate. However, some companies are leading the way to gold standards with rigorous in house testing and further independent testing by well-regarded laboratories.


TECC and  TW have this week released their testing results that include all the ranges we (TECC) sell – the Titan range, the Titus ADV range, the Red label Range and the Patriot Range.


Read the test results and the company statement for yourself, and you will see that we have looked to independent verification to prove that our e-liquids don’t contain chemicals that are considered harmful upon inhalation, as per a specific regime laid down by Dr Farsalinos.


(This next part is the science bit, taken from the TW results page):



“The Totally Wicked (and TECC) e-liquids were tested by an analytical method called gas chromatography, utilizing a highly sensitive detection method called flame ionisation (FID). The SkyLab-Med team also used gas chromatography coupled to a mass spectrometer (GC-MS), enabling the team to maximize the sensitivity of their testing procedures. Sample preparation was performed to rigorously high standards, providing maximum sensitivity for the GC instrument. For validated analytical chemical testing, the lowest quantity of an analyte that can be distinguished from the absence of the analyte is called the limit of detection (LOD). The lowest amount of an analyte which can be quantitatively determined with suitable precision and accuracy is known as the limit of quantification (LOQ). In simple terms the LOQ is the most precise measurement that can be made by an instrument, and the LOD is the level below which a qualified expert can state that the chemical is of no concern. Dr Farsalinos established a suitable LOD as 10 μg per ml for flavour concentrates, which are diluted before use, and as 0.5-1 μg per ml for ready to use liquids. The Totally Wicked e-liquid range was tested for three chemicals of concern, as defined by our independent expert, Dr Farsalinos, namely: diacetyl, acetyl propionyl and acetoin.”


So there you have it – how it was done and what they looked for. 2 flavour concentrates came up as slightly problematic and were immediately withdrawn from sale and production.


For the e-liquids that we sell, we know where the ingredients originate from, we know how they are manufactured and to what standards. All of our e-liquids are made in a clean room facility, using highly precise metering of quantities and effective quality systems. All batches are carefully sampled and recorded, with the bottles marked to enable recall or withdrawal should any issue ever be detected. Packaging is also an important part of this process, as we have to make sure we provide all the correct and required information and that the bottles comply with child proof ISO and CLP standards.


So we are doing our bit, we keep a very close eye on the research. We now have a PhD Chemist on the team, and Liam, our Engineer, has been involved in meetings defining the more technical aspects of TPD implementation with the European Commission, as well as working with the BSI and other industry representatives on defining standards for e-liquids and e-cigarettes.


We at TECC will continue to do all that we can to ensure that or e-liquids are the best that we can make them.


2.6 million and growing! E-cig use continues to rise in the UK

Yup, it’s all over my news feed, so it must be true!! growing


Action on Smoking and Health (ASH to you and me) have release new stats for vaping, and they are positive, AND the media is picking up on it too!


I know – shocking eh?


Even the Mirror – that bastion of e-cig hatefulness ended their piece on a positive note – ““The proven harm of tobacco is currently getting less coverage than the much smaller and far less certain harm from electronic cigarettes. We owe it to smokers to provide them with accurate information.”


I think we can all do a wee happy jig for that one.


I am not so naïve to believe that suddenly the media are going to fall in love with e-cigs and all the bashing will go away –


But lets look at what ASH have found – and is it yet again another case of the statisticians and scientists catching up with the vapers??


  • There are now 2.6 million vapers in the UK – both full and part time (by part time I mean dual use….)
  • 95% of smokers and 93% of non smokers have now heard about e-cigs
  • Ex smokers are the main group of users and new users
  • Main use for e-cigs is to switch from tobacco entirely
  • Most vapers are using tanks and refillables, only 5% use ciga-likes, though most did start vaping using these devices.
  • Flavours – most dual users prefer the tobacco flavours, it is the full time vapers that are using the variety of flavours.
  • Vaping is NOT a gateway to smoking – never smokers using e-cigs remains negligible.


Interestingly this year ASH has looked at the perceptions of harm, and what they found is curious – there is a decrease in the group that didn’t know that e-cigs are more or less harmful than tobacco, but an increase in the number – a staggering increase – from 6% to 20% that believe e-cigs are as harmful as tobacco cigarettes.


Well done to the Main Stream Media (MMS) for that one guys!


Without donning tin foil hats etc., this just shows the power of the media to influence our thought processes and our lives. Theory (wisdom?) has it that the media need us to feel anxious and scared – as that apparently keeps us coming back for more news, we buy more papers – surf more sites – hence the news always being about death and destruction. It plays into the part of the brain that is continually alert for danger – so we take heed.


This is why good news is barely reported.


Having you feeling relaxed about your choice of nicotine delivery device is not in the MMS interest.


Hence the jumping for glee when they do pick up solid good news!



ASH have been following and monitoring e-cigs since 2010, and they have gradually increased the scope of their studies to include children – aged 11-18, they now ask questions about flavours, devices, amount of use – (no surprises when full time vapers score higher than part time) but also perception.


And it is this perception question that is a stroke of almost genius, as it shows quite clearly the harm that misinformation can do.


ASH at the start of the e-cig revolution were clearly seen as the ‘enemy’, and to be fair, their preference for regulation of e-cigs is for them to be all licenced as medicinal. However, Deborah Arnott, their Chief, has been stoical in the face of much e-cig hostility and has stuck to the science and is being incredibly fair in what she says. The science is stating e-cigs are less harmful – the numbers are showing that 2.6 million smokers and ex smokers in the UK are finding them of benefit – they are not a gateway to smoking, so thank you to ASH for publishing these figures.






Does your e-cig curiosity get the better of you?

We’ve all heard the saying “curiosity killed the cat”.

Yet curiosity led to electricity, machines that slice your bread, purple hair dye, men on the moon and you now reading this post, because you are curious as to what it is about.

Well, it’s about a review we’ve had for one of our products.

We don’t usually blog about new products, because blogs aren’t really about selling you anything, they are instead about informing you – so I guess this could be viewed as an ‘infomercial’, only it’s not, (as I loathe them with a passion) and it won’t be going on for ages.

What this blog will do, is tell those of you that are curious about the V scope e cigarette, all about the V scope kit and an independent review we’ve received.


v-scopekitSo what did the reviewer, (we’ll call him Mr Reviewer) have to say about the V scope? Was it utter rubbish and don’t go near it with a 10ft bargepole – or yeah, it’s OK, I can cloud chase?

Well he actually said a lot more than that – and he’s quite taken with it.

But then you would be if you get all this in this in the box:


V scope – In the box


  • 1 X V Scope Body
  • 1 X Battery Extension Cover
  • 1 x 18650 2600 mAh Battery
  • 1 x V Scope Tank
  • 2 X 1.8Ohm Atomiser Coil Heads (one already fitted in the tank)
  • 2 x Mouthpiece
  • Screwdriver tool for airflow adjustment
  • 10ml e-liquid
  • USB cable

Mains Battery Charger


Mr Reviewer really liked the kit – he liked the weight of the e cig, he felt the balance of it was just right; he liked the voltage range of 3.3v to 4.8v, though he acknowledged that some like to go higher than that. He was especially taken with the passthrough so you can vape while charging, and the replacement coils are very cost effective, (£4.49 for 2).


As for the huge 3.7ml tank with drip tip and an atomizer that slots in place instead of being screwed – well he thought that was pretty neat too.


You can see where this is leading…


Mr Reviewer thought the Dual Coil Atomizers, coupled with the ability to adjust the voltage made for spot on flavour and vapour, and for those that like to fiddle (he wasn’t much of a fan) you can change the airflow to make a tighter draw.

The V scope can be adjusted in length to take 2 different battery sizes – 18350 and the 18650, and with that huge 3.7ml tank – even the heaviest of vapers will be kept in e-liquid all day!

So, his final verdict on the V scope?


Overall – Final Thoughts

I had a great experience with the TECC V Scope VV E Cigarette. It is a great device for new vapers or current vapers looking to make the step up-to bigger battery models. Here are the good and not so good points I found:

The Good:

  • Superb build quality throughout and feels great in the hand
  • Vapour volume and flavour very good.
  • Battery can be charged without removing from the body
  • Option to use both 18350 and 18650 batteries

The Not So Good:

  • The airflow adjustment by screwdriver is a little too much messing around for my liking.


And if you are still curious as to what a vaper thought of the V scope after parting with his hard earned cash – (not just someone that makes a living from reviews) then read this:

“I’ve had the V SCOPE for a few months now and its a fantastic kit, after using the average starter kit type of e cig this was a real upgrade. It did however take a while to get use to but I would not use any other after purchasing this one. I can’t think of anything bad to say about it. The battery life is superb I only have to charge it twice a week and its heavily used on a daily basis. BRILLIANT”


So I guess you do read all the reviews, and  the next thing you will be curious about is – do you want one, and will it be in Silver or Chrome finish?


They’re available here:


You can read the full review here, just copy and paste the link into your browser:




E cigs, do they really mean more colds and sore throats?

(And why there’s a huge difference between tests on real humans v’s a few lung epithelial cells in a petri dish)

A recent research article published in ‘Plosone’ Journal reported that lung epithelial cells, exposed to e-liquid, are more prone to infection from strains of rhinovirus, the virus responsible in the main for the common cold.

From this experiment, the authors concluded that e-liquid might be bad for the lungs. common cold


And this then got splashed across the papers.


However, Bernd Mayer PhD, lecturer in Pharmacology and Toxicology at the University of Graz, (who also has a special interest in e cigarettes) decided to look further at this lung epithelial cell research, to see if it matched up to real world experience – i.e. did living breathing humans give the same results? Was it really true that the now several million vapers across Europe were experiencing more coughs and cold and runny noses now they were vaping?

Professor Mayer began by setting up a survey involving members of two German vaping forums.

Asking the following very simple question, participants had only three possible answers:

Since I have been switching to e-cigarettes the frequency of airway infections is

  1. a) Reduced
  2. b) Not markedly changed
  3. c) Increased

Answers had to be given in relation to the common cold, as the researchers from Plosone had looked specifically at rhinovirus, and so Professor Mayer wanted to keep it that way too.

According to Professor Mayer’s blog, (link at the end of the post) this survey is still ongoing, but he quotes his findings as of the 26th Sept 1014.

307 vapers had answered his very short questionnaire by then.

207 had reported reduced incidence and severity of colds, = 67.4%.

89 had reported no change, = 29%

11 reported an increase in frequency of colds, =3.6%

Now, these results have to have a huge caveat – it is a small survey, many parameters were not included, it was conducted on a forum and is considered qualitative research at best, but it does show that the living breathing (vaping) human responds differently to a group of cells in a petri dish.

Professor Myer makes several interesting conclusions in his post, which I have copied below, about the research with the cells, and reveals some interesting nicotine levels that must have been influential in the final results:

“ The result of this survey indicates that the cell culture model used by Wu et al. does not reflect the consequences of e-liquid inhalation by humans. Presumably incubation of lung epithelial cells for up to 48 hours with e-liquids does not adequately mimic the effects of inhaled vapor. Moreover, the authors were apparently mistaken about the final nicotine concentrations in their experiments. According to the Material and Methods section of their paper, cells were incubated with up to 0.3% (v/v) of liquid containing 18 mg of nicotine per ml. Though not explicitly stated in the manuscript, this dilution would result in 54 µg/ml final. The authors state “the final nicotine concentrations were within the serum nicotine range of e-cigarette users.” However, a serum nicotine concentration of 54 µg/ml is far above the lethal threshold of 2-4 µg/ml [4]. Concentrations of 20 ng/ml or less were measured in plasma or serum of volunteers upon inhalation of nicotine containing e-liquids [5, 6]. Thus, the nicotine concentrations applied by Wu et al. are three orders of magnitude higher than typical nicotine plasma levels. The inhalation of e-liquids does not increase but rather decreases the frequency of airway infections. Sadly this is more research that appears not to have been done well, and a simple survey of vapers completely refuted the findings. Sadly within the vaping community we are learning that not all e cigarette related research is conducted effectively, well, and often the results are not properly reported.”


We however, are lucky to have Professors like Bernd Mayer that do look at the research and can, with a critical eye examine it and then let us non scientist understand the flaws if present.

The link to his blog: :



Switchover with The Electronic Cigarette Company!

Complete the challenge and receive a £20 reward*

Switchover with TECC!

Switchover with TECC!


So why should you try an e cig – (apart from the £20 The Electronic Cigarette Company (TECC) will put into your TECC account?)


Because e cigs are not the demon some in the public arena have made out them to be, they are in fact a force for good that should be celebrated.

2. 1 million people in the UK alone are smoking less tobacco cigarettes now, and that’s thanks to e cigs.

More experts are realising the good e cigs are doing and are coming out in support of them, and

here at TECC, we are very serious about e cigs  and we think that if you’ve not tried vaping yet – you should give it a go.


And here’s why.


E cigs have been proven to be between 100 to 1000 times safer than tobacco cigarettes. No, there are no long-term clinical studies yet, but from the millions that have now been vaping for more than three years, (long term clinical trials generally last 1 to 2 years), there have been no attributable deaths to e cigs, people are not reporting any adverse affects, in fact they are reporting the opposite.

More and more research is being done on e cigarettes, and more and more the results are positive.

E cigs are a product that has spread by word of mouth, by people who have had their lives changed for the better telling their friends about them. They must be telling other people for a good reason surely?

Reasons like the following….

Vaping will save you money. If you go to our home page here – you can use our calculator and work out just how much money you could save.

The flavour choices are endless – forget the delicate taste of burning tobacco that leaves your mouth feeling and tasting like the bottom of the budgie cage, think coffee flavour, sweet caramel, sour cherry – whatever your favourite is – there is an e liquid in that flavour available vape.

You won’t stink like an ashtray that hasn’t been washed for 6 months. Instead you’ll be fragrant and fresh and people will be coming up to you asking you what that lovely smell is!

You can use your e cig in many places that you can’t smoke, though do ask, as it’s polite and part of the e cig etiquette.

So just a very few reasons on why you might think about taking up our challenge.

And like I said at the beginning, they are now proven safer than tobacco cigarettes.




E cigarettes are not a quit smoking product – despite the way the media and health experts are trying to frame them. Yes you might stop smoking tobacco, but you might not, and that is entirely up to you.

This is not about quitting this is about switching.

E cigarettes are simply an alternative product, that as a smoker we think you might enjoy.

The truth is that e cigs taste nice, don’t have all the gunk that tobacco cigarettes do, and they’ll save you a small fortune.




We vapers are a friendly bunch and will do all we can to help you switch over with ease and simplicity.

But anyway, after all that explanation – here are the rules for the challenge that you’ll need to follow in order to claim your £20 for Switchover!


Switchover Challenge Terms and Conditions

  • The switchover challenge will only apply to new customers ( if you are an existing customer read the rules for referrals…)
  • The word switchover must be entered in the Special Instructions box at checkout when making your order to show that you are taking part in the challenge
  • An e-cig kit or accessories to make up a full electronic cigarette must be purchased on the first order
  • To redeem your £20 reward you need to e-mail your details and the details of your challenge including the kit you used, your e-liquid of choice and how you made the switch to e-cigs; did you cut down or switch over completely? to
  • e-mails to redeem the £20 reward need to be sent 30 days after the first order was made
  • £20 will be given as an online store credit
  • No Cash alternative can be given
  • Credits can only be used at


But I’m already a vaper I hear you cry… Then challenge someone else! We will then reward you with £10 credits* for simply giving us their details. All you need to do is send us their name, contact number and/or e-mail address (do ask them first though…) and once they have ordered you will be rewarded!

Here are the rules and regs for existing vapers:

Switchover Referral Terms and Conditions

  • The referral details need to be e-mailed to
  • You must be an existing customer to refer others and receive credits
  • The referee must make an order for the referral to be valid
  • The £10 credits will be applied after the referee’s order has been completed
  • No cash alternative can be given

So go on, Switchover !

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