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Mum will be tickled pink with e-cig mini

Want to get your Mum something a bit different this Mothering Sunday? Fed up of the usual flowers and chocolates? Well, I bet she is too – use your imagination and get her to try an alternative to her traditional cigarettes.

The Electronic Cigarette Company is selling an Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit which comes in array of colours – including Pink. Plus, it’s a mini version, measuring just over 11 centimetres so it’ll fit perfectly inside her purse or handbag.

TECC’s Mini was one of the first ever e-cigarettes to hit the market and is seen by e-cig connoisseurs as a classic design. The Mini’s cartridges are a generous size which outperform other models. Each cartridge lasts the same time as up to 10 analogue cigarettes.

Most Mum’s love a gadget, so spoil her on Sunday 3rd April. She’ll be the talk of the town! This is more than an e-cig, it’s a fashion statement!

Electronic Cigarettes Get 18 Months – More Research Needed Says MHRA

Wednesday 9th March 2011 was “No Smoking Day” in the UK, so it was no real surprise that the MHRA choose that day to make public their findings on a consultation exercise that involved a wide spectrum of people, including health authorities and of course those from the electronic cigarette and tobacco industries.

You can find much more information on this issue on the news section of our electronic cigarettes homepage but essentially, the main outcome was that e cigarettes and other NCPs (nicotine containing products) should indeed be regulated in some way.

While the MHRA set forth another 18 months for research into these products, the electronic cigarette and e liquid industry in the UK could almost be heard sighing with relief as The MHRA also had on the table the option to ban the sale of these products within 21 days!

However, the proposed route forward and extra time for research does seem to promote common sense from all parties.

Head over to the news section for in depth analysis, as well as links to all the published documents from the exercise and indeed the views of TECC.

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