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Electronic Cigarettes – An Alternative to Smoking

The electronic cigarette has been called many things in its relatively short lifespan, but perhaps it is best described as an alternative to smoking. Tobacco smoking that is.

It is probably fair and reasonable to say that most people who use electronic cigarettes have decided on that particular course of action in order to smoke fewer tobacco cigarettes.

However, everyone has a different story; so, why not share it with us? Please feel free to share with us, why it is you decided to use electronic cigarettes, what was your motivation, your incentive?

E smoking, as it is often known, has been rapidly rising in popularity as more and more smokers have heard about its availability on the market or had their first encounter with electric smoking in another circumstance.

There are a growing number of products and associated accessories for people to choose from if they so wish and an even greater number of distributors vying for your attention.

Where did you first hear about electric smoking or “vaping” as it is often referred to within communities of people who are frequent e cigarette users?

Do you see your e smoking as long term or short term?

The Electronic Cigarette Company (TECC) Customers Get 15% Discount for a Month

The eagle eyed among you may have noticed the newsflash on the TECC homepage stating that all products will have a 15% discount applied. That’s right, up until May 1st 2011, existing customers along with any new ones can purchase anything in the TECC electronic cigarette product range with a fabulous 15% off!

What does that mean? Well it means the recently introduced TECC branded Tornado Tank kit can be yours for £50.99 (normally £59.99), the original first generation Tornado for £42.49 (normally £49.99), the Tornado Compact Kit for £25.49 (normally £29.99) or the Titan 510 Compact Kit for just £21.24 (normally £24.99) as well as much, much more!

This special discount offer is only applicable until the 1st May, so take advantage now while spring is in the air!

Since late February of this year, TECC has gradually been restocking its online shelves with all of your favourite TECC branded electronic smoking goods and they are proving as popular as ever and so this discount is to thank you for all your custom.

Electronic Cigarettes – TECC gets its Tank

For all those of you, who have been biding your time before becoming a Tornado Tank owner, will now be delighted to know that the TECC branded Tornado Tank E Cigarette has finally arrived!

Available in black or white models, the Tank Kit (a second generation cousin of the popular Tornado electronic cigarette) is available to buy live from your favourite electronic cigarette company right now, also available, a selection of accessories such as atomisers and pre filled cartridges for the Tank Unit.

The arrival of the TECC branded Tank is the next big step as the electronic cigarette company re-establishes itself as one of the leading distributors of e smoking products. If you are a regular visitor to the website, you will have noticed the gradual repopulation of the site with all your favourite TECC products (whether it be a screwdriver, a Titan 510 or the classic TECC mini) as well as some new ones to add to the mix.

Make sure you check back frequently for all upcoming special offers and even more products. It’s good to be TECC!

Electronic Cigarettes Get 18 Months – More Research Needed Says MHRA

Wednesday 9th March 2011 was “No Smoking Day” in the UK, so it was no real surprise that the MHRA choose that day to make public their findings on a consultation exercise that involved a wide spectrum of people, including health authorities and of course those from the electronic cigarette and tobacco industries.

You can find much more information on this issue on the news section of our electronic cigarettes homepage but essentially, the main outcome was that e cigarettes and other NCPs (nicotine containing products) should indeed be regulated in some way.

While the MHRA set forth another 18 months for research into these products, the electronic cigarette and e liquid industry in the UK could almost be heard sighing with relief as The MHRA also had on the table the option to ban the sale of these products within 21 days!

However, the proposed route forward and extra time for research does seem to promote common sense from all parties.

Head over to the news section for in depth analysis, as well as links to all the published documents from the exercise and indeed the views of TECC.

Electronic Cigarette Review – What are Electronic Cigarettes

Here at the electronic cigarette company, you can read all about electronic cigarettes, an alternative to smoking, and read independent customer reviews in order to make your own informed decisions.

By visiting our homepage by clicking on our TECC logo in the top left hand corner of your screen, you will have access to all the vital information you need as you make your decision about e cigarettes.

You will find clear, detailed and visual information about what electronic cigarettes actually are and how they work.

There is also a selection of different e cigarette models, from classic starter kits that contain all the items a first time e smoker will need, to more advanced kits and of course all the accessories associated with e smoking.

You will also find out all about e liquid (or nicotine fluid), which is essentially the fuel inside the electronic cigarette which when heated produces the aqueous based vapour that e cigarettes are already famous for.

So, clicking the TECC logo in the top left hand corner of your screen will lead you to lots more electronic cigarette information from one of the leading and most respected e cigarette distributors.

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