Electronic Cigarettes – An Alternative to Smoking

The electronic cigarette has been called many things in its relatively short lifespan, but perhaps it is best described as an alternative to smoking. Tobacco smoking that is.

It is probably fair and reasonable to say that most people who use electronic cigarettes have decided on that particular course of action in order to smoke fewer tobacco cigarettes.

However, everyone has a different story; so, why not share it with us? Please feel free to share with us, why it is you decided to use electronic cigarettes, what was your motivation, your incentive?

E smoking, as it is often known, has been rapidly rising in popularity as more and more smokers have heard about its availability on the market or had their first encounter with electric smoking in another circumstance.

There are a growing number of products and associated accessories for people to choose from if they so wish and an even greater number of distributors vying for your attention.

Where did you first hear about electric smoking or “vaping” as it is often referred to within communities of people who are frequent e cigarette users?

Do you see your e smoking as long term or short term?

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  • John Bacon:

    Oh dear, oh dear; I brought the wrong e-cig from a stall, what an idiot and I paid £60 for it. The cartridges didn’t last long and were expensive; I spent another £40 on them. If only I could refill them, but what with and how would I get hold of nicotine?
    To the internet I went. What this! A load of different types of e-cigs, and e-juice! And what’s more a lot cheaper than what I had paid. Spend another £40 getting a better e-cig and some juice; not impressed with menthol. Got some juice which was reckoned to be apple. Mmmm well now, that’s not too bad, so it’s not just a gimmick. I’ll have some more of this; another £40 on juice and a few spares. Still not got the right e-cig, runs out of juice too quickly, thinking of getting the Titan 510, that’s another £40 and I guess it’s going to be £30 or so on spares.
    This is costing me a fortune. Let me see 60 plus 40 for the first one, then another 40 for a better but still not the right one for me. 40 on juice but that will work in any e-cig, and now another 40 plus 30 on spares. That’s a staggering £250 in five weeks. Hold on; 40 a day, at six pounds a pack, for five weeks is £420. Yea I went wrong; spent a lot of money, but came up smelling of roses apples and I’m quids in because I’ve only had one tobacco cigarette in the last 5 weeks and I scrounged that.

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