Does vaping make you cough?

Are you new to vaping and find that you cough more than you did when smoking cigarettes?


There are a few reasons for this, and a few possible solutions.

does vaping make you cough?


But let’s start with the reasons:


The obvious one is sensitivity to PG, there are a small group of vapers that have sensitivity to PG.  The reactions can be different, but it’s usually via the skin – with canker sores and sometimes-red itchy skin, but coughing could be a sign.


Your e-cig may be too powerful for you, and is producing too much vapour for you.


Your mouth is dehydrated.


Possible solutions to this problem:


Have a drink when you are vaping – hot or cold, it doesn’t matter, but vaping can dry your mouth out, so up the fluids.


Persevere – people have mentioned that this happened to them at the start, but after a week or so it went.


Reduce the amount of PG in your mix, and increase the amount of VG, as this gives a smoother vape.


Try an e-cig with a less powerful battery.


French inhale-  (this is a new one to me) – this is where you draw into your mouth, and then inhale via your nose- letting your nose take the dryness maybe??


Lower the strength of nicotine – you may have been a hard-core heavy smoker, but vaping is different, so maybe this is worth a try?


And finally, don’t vape the way you would smoke, take lighter draws, with slightly smaller inhales.


If you have had this experience and managed to get through it- tell us how you did it in the comment box below.







8 comments on “Does vaping make you cough?

  1. Paul Naylor on said:

    I had a cough for around 9 months while still on cigarettes. On starting vaping my cough worsened for the first week but then dissapeared after the second. My theory is that the vapour might actually clear your lungs of smoking nasties quicker than normal giving up? I have been vaping now for nearly 8 months and never felt better in the last 40 years.

  2. I’ve just returned to the e-cig after a relapse back to real ones (astronomically expensive relapse!!).
    Yes I struggle with a cough for the first few days and go along with all your advice above. Definitely the french inhale is good although I didn’t know there was a name for it. I know the cough will subside so I will persevere but can totally understand why someone might abandon the e-cig if it’s their first time.
    I also use VG because I read somewhere that it can be better for people who have joint pains. I’m not sure whether or not it is coincidence but I seem to get terrible knee pain when I’m on e-cigs. I think the VG helps somewhat.

    • Hi Julie, thanks for the response, and great that you are back to vaping. Curious about your knee though, I hope you get it checked out by your Doctor : )


  3. What is PG and VG??

    I cough a bit and have been using ecig for over a year. What can I do to help, I dont mix my own.

    • PG is propylene Glycol, and VG is vegetable Glycerine, and they make up the base of your e-liquid. It might be worth reading this post:

      and then experiment with different bases, maybe find an e-liquid that has more VG, or, start to mix your own -or find a friend that will mix for you, and drink more fluids – especially water. Hope this helps.


  4. Warren on said:

    I had coughing fits when I first started vaping. After much trial and error I discovered the voltage of the battery makes a HUGE difference. A fully charged fresh battery will make me cough severly for a few seconds after I inhale. Just buy a adjustable voltage battery, like the Joyetech TWIST. “PROBLEM SOLVED”

  5. I have started vaping with VG based fluids and get horrible sores on my gums and inner mouth. Within 5 days of stopping, they start to go. As soon as I start again, they come back after about a week. It’s definitely the fluid.

    Time to quit altogether I think

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