An E Cigarette Blog Keeping You in the Loop

A blog can be a great way of keeping up with your favourite websites and here at the TECC (The Electronic Cigarette Company) blog we hope that will be no different. Over the coming weeks and months we hope to step up our blog coverage, with the intention of delivering you all the news as it happens, exciting new developments as they are revealed and all the latest information from around not just the internet but the world of electronic cigarettes and e smoking.

In that respect there is certainly plenty going on, almost on a daily basis as more and more people discover the potential of e cigarettes. E Smoking may have already received plenty of coverage on your flat screen monitors, as the product has gained in popularity, but there seems to be no stopping the e cig, as its audience increases. From small screen to big screen, from your local pub to the multiplex cinemas in town, to stars of Hollywood holding their hands up in recognition of the power of the product.

So, please feel free to check in for more regular updates and news about your e cig of choice here at The Electronic Cigarette Company.

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