Vapours tongue and menthol mouth – what to do if you can’t taste your vape anymore.

OK, You’ve been happily vaping e-juice, your flavour of choice has been menthol, but now when you vape it, you cant taste it? If this has happened (or is happening) to you, then it’s menthol mouth.

What causes it?  Is it the atomiser? Perhaps it is a wicking problem?

No, it’s neither of these.

What appears to be known as ‘menthol mouth’ or ‘vapours tongue’ is a strange affliction that smokers of mainly menthol electronic cigarettes, (and even menthol analogue’s) can experience; which is basically a loss of taste. Vapours tongue can be due to the use of large amounts of menthol containing e-liquids, resulting in the deadening of taste for a period, with the result that all eliquid become tasteless until menthol use is reduced or ceased. Cinnamon has also been implicated.

Vapours tongue

However, menthol and cinnamon may not be the only culprits since many e-cig users have report that all e-liquids they vape can unexplainably lose their flavour for a time. So why is this? If it’s not just your taste buds being whazzed by the strong menthol, could it also be a change in taste perception and your taste buds re-adjusting?

There is a loss of taste when smoking tobacco cigarettes, so when the taste buds return to life after the switch to e-cigs, there could be a period when taste goes dead for a time, especially during the first few months off the cigarettes, even for those who have not used menthol. I’m not too sure about this, but it is an explanation that has been posted on the forum, and there may be some truth to it.

But what can you do about it? How do you get rid of menthol mouth?

There are several suggested cures for this condition – one is to stop smoking menthol for a while – choose another flavour and let your taste buds recover. Another is to drink plenty of water (seems sensible), as e-smoking can dehydrate you, and the water will freshen the mouth. Another cure is to have a packet of cough sweets handy, and if you think you have menthol mouth but don’t want to give up the menthol, suck on a cough sweet and then have a vape!  One man swears by it!

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