When it comes to smoking, is the street where you live a public place?

Too many questions and concerns over a bill that would ban the smoking of e cigarettes and hookah pipes in public places prompted a panel of lawmakers Monday to put the legislation on hold.” (Link below)

I was thinking about this as I walked down town this week, counting how many people I saw smoking tobacco cigarettes as they walked up the road past me, outside the shops, and generally milling around town.

The town centre is a public place, so would the smoking ban in public places mean someone walking through town, not a covered shopping mall, but out on the street is banned from smoking? Is the street where you live a public place?

would smoking be banned here?


In America the debate is raging hard and fast about smoking bans, and whether e-cigs should be included. In some states e smoking is banned the same way that tobacco smoking is banned. New York City has the most draconian anti-smoking laws to date; Under measures approved by local authorities, swathes of outdoor public places including beaches, municipal parks and even Times Square have become tobacco-free. (See BBC link below)

In the UK, our smoking ban is in enclosed public spaces, which makes sense, but outdoor smoking bans? And banning electronic cigarettes in outdoor areas where no one is going to be  inhaling you exhaled vapour seems a step too far. So I applaud the Judges for putting the legislation on hold, as this doesn’t need a knee jerk reaction, or following what the Big Apple does, it needs considered thought.










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