“New Years resolutions could damage your health!”

“New Years resolutions could damage your health!” So says Paul Farmer, chief executive of the charity MIND .

And here is another rather depressing statistic – 78% of all new years resolutions will end in failure. This stat comes from Prof Wiseman (no pun intended) from the University of Hertfordshire. This statistic is almost as bad as the 93% failure rate of NRT products after one year.New Years Resolution


So, what if your news year’s resolution is to stick to vaping? How are you going to do it without failing and without going a bit loopy?


Below are a few tips to keep you on the vaping wagon – or whatever it is you have promised you are going to do to improve your life, (it may be something as simple as smiling more).


1)   Tip one: Find out why you want to change. This may be a no brainer with switching from cigarettes to e cigarettes as you’ll save money, you’ll reduce the harm you are doing to your body and you won’t smell like an ashtray.


But is that enough for you?  People who stick to their new years resolutions really have a full understanding of the why, and are fully identified with it. So take a few minutes to really think this one through.


2)   Now focus on what you are gaining. Don’t think – I am losing cigarettes, think I am gaining money, I am gaining a fresh new smell, I am gaining staying indoors to vape, etc,. Try and get into this new way of thinking and you will find you are far more motivated.


According to several ‘life coaches’ that have put information out on the web, achievers (meaning those smug people that do keep to their news years resolution,) stick to their new years resolutions because they not only focus on the gains, but then they daily take small steps towards it, i.e. They keep at it.


3) Persistence. If you fall off the wagon, get straight back on.



So go for it, whether it is to keep vaping and stop the cigarettes altogether, or simply to smile more – we wish you all the best in keeping your new years resolution.



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