Why vape 0% nicotine e-liquid?

I posed this question on a forum – why do you vape 0% nicotine? Surely the whole point to vaping is the nicotine – or am I missing something??

So, why would you vape 0 nicotine e liquid? Why not just stop vaping altogether?  As smokers we were/are conditioned to certain behaviours, and the research has shown that smoking is associated not just with the nicotine addiction, but with pleasant experiences – the morning coffee break, the post coital cigarette, dealing with stressful situations the “ I’m stressed I need a fag”  thinking, then there is the smoking and drinking with friends, and  as already mentioned  the chemical addiction and changes that smoking does to your body. So, if you switched to vaping, do the reasons have to be for the nicotine alone? Surely it can also be for the ‘peripheral’ experiences and these people that vape 0% nicotine e-liquid are obviously finding that vaping is fulfilling a need, and in a way enhancing  or making their life just a bit easier.

I enjoy being involved on the forums because there is so much interesting information to read and the responses I got to this question were as expected; varied and some straight to the point.

Below are a few of the responses –

“Vaping relaxes me. I’m a 0% nicotine user because smoking cigars and pipes relaxed me too. I’ve never been addicted to nicotine. Vaping is just a relaxing thing for me”

“Some people are off of the nicotine 100%, my one friend while driving gets the urge to smoke but by just vaping 0 nicotine, she gets the sensation of smoking.”

“I vape 0% nicotine and I just got an $80 discount a month on my health insurance as a result.”

“I’m vaping 0% nicotine to satisfy the hand-to-mouth motion my body is used to. “

Another point worth mentioning on this topic is the throat hit. Some vapers feel that the throat hit is not as good as you go lower down  the e-liquid scale – the less nicotine, the less throat hit. Yet it is evident from the forum that throat hit is a subjective thing – as one post says:  “12mg which is supposed to be low, when I vape it, it feels like my throat has been assaulted by pepper spray and I am not exaggerating!”

We all vape for our own reasons, and why not vape 0% nicotine if that is what you want to do – as it seems you are not missing out !


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