Is your e-cig always in your hands?

There is a really fun thread on the TW forum at the moment where vapers are confessing to the amount they vape.

Vaping is slightly different to smoking- the only similarity really is the nicotine, it might look a bit like smoking, and I know all the advertising says it is the same, but the actual time spent vaping?  Mmm, seems it is a bit different.

When you smoke a cigarette, you have a finite amount of nicotine that you inhale, then the cigarette is done, you stub it out and wait what – anything from 30 seconds to a few hours before you pick up another one and start all over again.

love to vape

But vaping; this is different. You don’t have a cigarette that you smoke to the full so not to waste it (half smoked fags taste awful too), instead you have an e-cig that is there to puff on whenever you fancy. You can take one puff and walk away, you can take 5 puffs and walk away, and there is no finite end when you have to stub it out, it is just a case of adding some more e-liquid.

I know the guys on the forum might be a bit seem a bit more ‘hard core’ than the average Vaper, they are certainly very enthusiastic and have a wealth of knowledge. Some of the posters initially thought they might be vaping too much, but when you sit down and analyse it, they are vaping probably the same amount of nicotine as when they smoked analogues, but just spread out more evenly across the day.

Are there any benefits to this way of Vaping? Well, not that I am alluding to vaping being similar to nicotine patches, because I am not, as vaping is recreational, patches are for quitting, but think about the similarity of the slow release. With patches you get (allegedly) a constant release of nicotine throughout the duration of the patch being on your skin.  Vaping throughout the day is pretty similar. It is very difficult to vape an e-cig the way you used to smoke a cigarette, as the e-cig would cut out, and you would feel as if you were having a bit too much of a hit, so you vape in a different way; a couple of puff every 5, 20 or 60 minutes is going to keep that nicotine level fairly steady – resulting in a calmer, less narky person, who is not itching to get out and have a cigarette.  So you may think you are a vape-aholic that always has their e-cig in their hand, but maybe you are just a smooth vaper instead.  What do you think?


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