Smoke without fire – a kickstarter project all about e-cigs.

Billed as a documentary to find out the truth, this will be an interesting project to follow. There is so much conflicting information about e-cigs circulating the nest and the newspapers, from they are toxic and contain antifreeze, to they are as harmless as a cup of coffee, one wonders if this documentary will clear it all up, once and for all?

For me, this whole project raises questions such as -Will it be able find out the truth about e-cigs, assuming there is one truth? Will we, as vapers like the results, and what exactly is the truth? Does it depend upon which side of the fence you are on?

This documentary has come about because of the EU and the way that vapers are mobilising.

The EU are proposing to put e-cigarettes under the medicinal products licence as they believe they are toxic and need controlling and regulating, despite research that is proving they are far far less harmful than tobacco cigarettes, and despite them already being regulated as a general sales product.

Due to this impending regulation that would amount to a ban, (and yes we have that confirmed by the JURI committee, one of the five committees tasked with reviewing the EU Tobacco product directive,) vapers have been turning to social media to fight this, using forums, Facebook pages and using twitter bombs under the hashtag #EUcigBAN, plus writing in their thousands to their MP’s and MEP’s.

All this attention as caught the eye of TV documentary maker Andy Sutton, and so was born his idea to make a documentary to find out the truth about e-cigs.

He says –“ we plan to create a groundbreaking series that explores this vaping community, their legal and health battles, research, the ethical and political debates.  We will also conduct interviews with the leading lights in pharmaceutical industries, health charities and multinational tobacco giants.”

The project has exceeded its stated goal of £10’000, and to date has raised over £15’000. It will be interesting to not only follow this project, which we hope we can, but to see the end product, and to see what Andy can uncover and put together, in what I hope will be a balanced view.

It just remains now to see if we will like what he finds out as the ‘truth’.



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