What made you start smoking? Fancy blaming it on the government?

A couple of scientific papers have been published recently that are pointing the finger  of blame at the government, by way of the film industry, bit of a join the dots, but this is what they are saying.

They have found that roughly 25% of people sixteen years and over in both the UK and the US smoke, so that means new folk are starting to smoke – despite the health warnings and graphic images and all the stop smoking campaigns.   People are, for whatever reasons reaching for a packet of fags, getting through those first couple that make you very ill ( I remember vividly the nausea), and soldier on to become addicted smokers.

So what makes them do it? Apart from the peer pressure at school ,applied by the ‘not so cool – cool kids’?

These scientists believe it is the movies. They have studies to show that due to the Machiavellian influences of the British American Tobacco Industry – who have deliberately pushed the government down the road of harm reduction and non advertising to kids, (the same  government that is finding it tough to look at e-cigs  as harm reduction and allowing  the tobacco industry to  bring out tobacco sticks that look like chocolate party fingers), but  because BAT are pointing at harm reduction, not cessation (they are not going to do that are they – their business is to sell fags) –the government are inadvertently encouraging smoking via the film industry.

The scientists state that 50-75% of youth rated movies, subsidised by the governments in the UK and US,  show scenes where the actors are smoking, and the more children are exposed to these scenes, the more likely they are to pick up a cigarette and start to smoke. Those of us that are parents will be well aware of how often a child will watch the same movie over and over again, and due to this repetition of watching actors smoke- the child will at least try smoking.   The researchers are calling for movies that have smoking scenes in them to be rated as an adult movie, keeping the viewing of smoking on screen well away from children.




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