When is the Ideal Time to Begin your Electronic Cigarette Love Affair?

The NHS has published a list of the ideal times for smokers to change their lifestyle, and we have hijacked this list and re-purposed it for e-cig users, as the decision to change your life style is a big one, and one that can nag at you until you do something about it. So, no more procrastinating! If you have been thinking of switching to e-cigs, maybe one of these ‘prime times’ will help you take that step.

New Year’s Resolutions… always a favourite!

I know we are now into March, but the New Year is a great time to switch. However, unrealistic targets and lifestyle changes can doom many New Year’s resolutions to failure, no matter how honest and strong the intention; a lot of resolutions struggle to continue even into February! It is estimated that 7 million will have made resolutions this New Year, (have you still kept yours?). Switching though is easy, as the hand/ mouth action is the same as when smoking, you have something in your hands, and you get your nicotine.

No Smoking Day… make it your switching day!

The British Heart Foundation’s yearly sponsored initiative endeavours to help UK smokers reduce their tobacco intake, and more than 1.5 million smokers have been helped by the No Smoking Day charity since its inception in 1983. But this doesn’t have to be day that you quit cigarettes; you can make it the day that you switch to e-cigs.

Becoming a Grandparent – (allegedly better than becoming a parent?)

The dangers of second-hand smoke are well documented. Doting grandparents will seldom want to expose their grandchildren to potentially dangerous smoke, (and some parents won’t allow it – period), and this makes switching from traditional tobacco to electronic cigarettes an increasingly attractive proposition. E-cigs don’t emit smoke, but instead emit water vapour, and the pleasant aroma of flavoured e liquid easily replaces the horrible smell of tobacco cigarettes.

Getting Fit

Running on the treadmill with a 20 a day habit is not much fun, so if you’ve planned to get fit this year, but are having a few challenges with stopping the nicotine, then e-cigarettes can help. You still have the nicotine, still have the hand to mouth action, and you are not quitting smoking, this is not another thing you are ‘giving up’ or ‘losing’, you are merely switching to a less harmful alternative.

Going into Hospital

Mmm, not a nice one this, but as we have ‘borrowed’ this list from the NHS, we had best add it. When a smoker enters hospital, the only option is to smoke outside in the rain, complete with IV drip and stand. But did you know there are currently only a few local hospitals prohibiting the use of electronic cigarettes? Probably wise to check out your local hospital’s e-cig policy first, but you could use the time there to make the switch from tobacco to e liquid.



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