Yeah, but your still addicted using an e-cig!

How many times has this happened to you – there you are, telling folk about how much less harmful vaping is than smoking, how much better you feel, how there’s no carcinogens and no stink afterwards only to get that statement thrown at you.

Yeah, but your still addicted using an e-cig

Makes you feel a bit deflated doesn’t it.

So, how do you answer this? You’ve been patient, you’ve explained the positives, and there they are looking smug and accusatory.

Some of you might smile, and guiltily say yes, and say no more, some of you might get angry, and some of you might just give up. But the subject of addiction is a hot topic at the moment, so lets explore it.

What does addiction mean to you? When you hear the word addict, what image comes to your mind? Someone out of his or her mind on heroin? Or your best friend that has to have a bar of chocolate every day with her Latte? Because both are addicted – both can’t do without their ‘fix’ – both have a compulsion to get the addictive substance, both can’t seem to stop, or to stop would involve a struggle of some kind. Yet one is deemed more harmful than the other.

So, are you addicted to nicotine? Quite probably. Does that make you the scourge of society and someone to be scorned as weak?  Absolutely not.  Should you feel guilty? No.

So how do you answer that smug creature that tells you you’re still an addict? You tell them maybe so, but I’m being smart. By switching to vaping you are getting rid of the nasty’s associated with smoking, and you can then decided what to do about the nicotine, that actually you can now get in hundreds of flavours,  that actually isn’t any more harmful than a cup of coffee in the doses you vape, and how about they be pleased for you? –  Or would they rather see you suffer going cold turkey?

What would you say?









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