No E-cigs here – yet….

Today there will be no talking about the EU commission or proposed regulation or anything of that ilk. Today’s blog post is a little different –

Did you ever believe that cigarette butts took 500 years to decompose? I can’t remember how many times people have given me a time scale – anything from 10-500 years, and probably I got the 500 years from when I was at school, at the same time I was told that chewing gum gets stuck in your body for ever so you must NEVER swallow it!

But no more of that school ground nonsense, because today’s blog post is about a man who recycles cigarette butts.

Now, you may be wondering  – into what? Well, the answer will surprise you – into plastic.

That’s right.

Top University drop out and entrepreneur Tom Szaky has a passion for recycling. So much so that he now has a very successful company recycling many things – and among them are cigarette butts.

He takes the butts, composts the paper and tobacco, and then takes the filter that is made of a type of plastic, melts that down, adds it to other ingredients – and bingo – there’s a plastic ashtray made partially from cigarette butts!

And, nauseatingly, he’s even better than that. The volunteers that collect the butts for him earn points, and when they hit a certain number of points- Tom’s company donates money to the charity of their choice.

So no more stressing about is it 20 years or 500, because Tom and his team are busy recycling cigarette butts.  Wonder how much of an e-cig he could recycle – and into what??



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