E-cigs are not cool enough for youth of today.

We know this, you know this, and now some folk have done some research so more people should know about it, but as usual there was a little twist.

cool teens


The researchers did a study on awareness of e-ciggarettes, and they asked -how aware are the youth of today regarding e-cigs? They tried their hardest to support the theory that e-cigs are a ‘gateway’ to cigarettes, that e-cigs will lure young people to start smoking, but, they found pretty much the opposite.


Teenagers, as we remember are all about peer pressure and looking cool, so the study was based around 228 teenage boys –probably the best target. Of those 228 in the study, only 2 had tried e-cigs, and these two were ALREADY smokers. It was not the other way round. And then here comes the twist – these two were then excluded from the survey. Why? Who knows, probably because they didn’t fit the hypothesis, so they were left to one side.


The rest of the study was pretty obvious – if some of the group were offered an e-cig by a friend – yes they may try it – but a quarter of the group had never heard of e-cigs, and none of them used them.


Tells you something doesn’t it?  E-cigs are not cool enough for the youth of today.

They are not dangerous enough, there is no smoke, no chance of being caught, e-cigs don’t have the ‘bad boy’ image because we are all using them to switch from the fags ,we have been hooked on fags long enough and want to move away, for our own benefit –   so why would a teenager want to join a middle aged person in doing that??


They didn’t need to do research to prove this point – but now that they have – let’s hope it get noticed by the right people.

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