Lazy and offensive journalism, but e-cig users fight back!

Last week the Mail on Sunday’s online version printed a long article that claimed that vaping was more harmful than smoking, stating this was the opinion of ‘experts’ – yet no experts were ever named.  Now we know that this statement is absolutely not true, and vaping is far less harmful than smoking cigarettes.

lazy journalism


So why did they do it?  Probably for various reasons – fear sells newspapers as much as sex, drugs and rock and roll, and as e-cigs are becoming more popular, more people will be aware of them, more people will know of someone that is using one, and a good dose of fear and lazy journalism always go down well with the coffee and full English breakfast.


But not this time.


The vaping worm is turning people, and about time too. Clive Bates, a strong proponent of e-cigarettes lead the charge and encourage enraged vapers to write to the press complaints committee, citing that the article was inaccurate, misleading and shoddy journalism, and ask for a full retraction and apology. He even laid out exactly how to do it.


Now, for the complaints committee to sit up and take notice, apparently they need 10 or more complaints – and these freely came, and lo and behold the offending article has been removed!


Score 1 to the vapers.


ECITA also joined the foray and wrote an open letter to the journalist who scribed the offending article, and basically blinded her with a long list of research and findings in support of e-cigs, along with the offer for further education regarding vaping.


However, the removal by the Mail on Sunday is not enough for Clive, who quite rightly wants to see a full apology, not just the existing ‘page not found’ message that is there, this is what he suggests: “The article you are trying to access E-cigarettes ‘can cause more harm than smoking’, experts say” was found to be inaccurate and misleading and has been withdrawn.  We accept that experts do not say that e-cigarettes “can cause more home than smoking” and that the expert consensus is that they are likely to be very much less harmful”.


I for one am going to keep checking to see if he gets it!


You can follow this yourselves over at Clive’s blog,


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