Do cigarettes create a bonding experience because of the ‘vice’? And would e-cigs in the office be the same?

A journalist in Canada has written that she wants vaping to be allowed in Offices so that folk can go back to the old days when smokers would ‘bond’ over shared cigarettes.

smoking at work

She argues that the whole sharing, lighting up, taking time out together was an important part of the team building/bonding thing, and although you don’t have quite the same bonding feeling with an e-cig, it is slightly reminiscent, and so should be allowed.

But is it?

5 years have passed since the smoking ban was implemented, and how many remember the halcyon days of smoking at your desk? Was it a bonding experience, or was it just something that you did? I think she is   confusing  the smokers of now, huddled together by the front door and their bonding experience, and is remembering something that may not have happened.

People tend to bond during adversity or when solving a common challenge, hence the popularity of absailing down a cliff as a team building exercise.   And lets face it,  smokers today have a different mentality now than  of 5-10 years ago as they are  constantly under siege from ‘health’ groups, are  made to feel like they are modern day lepers due to their smoking habit, and the few that huddle on the steps in all weathers, sharing a cigarette, (or an e-cig as more and more vapers are being forced outside), will stick together even if they don’t like each other because of this common feeling of being under  siege . When you are constantly under attack, there is safety in numbers,  even if there are only a few of you.

Was it like this when folk smoked in the office? I’m  not sure it was.

So will vaping freely in the office be as bonding? Will it free up the siege mentality and create a less ‘them v’s us feeling’, or will it be just something some folk do- some vape, some drink red bull, some drink coffee? I think vaping at work is a great idea and  for several reasons , one being that nicotine has been proven to improve memory, and it means no more nipping off for 10 minutes every hour, but I don’t think it will do anything for the ‘bonding’, I don’t see how the change would suddenly make people get on, have something in common, as where is the common challenge?  It might at best just make a few folk less narky.


What do you think?


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