Why an e-cig Passthrough might be for you…

Have you seen them on the website, looking all mighty and powerful, yet you have no idea what they are for?


Let me help you here. A passthrough(also knows as a P/T) is a fancy term for a charger. Why call it a passthrough? I’m not sure, but I can only guess because the charge ‘passes through’ to the battery, and you can vape while you are charging. Normally when you vape with a regular kit, you have one battery on charge while the other is in use. The passthrough allows you to vape and charge at the same time.



So, why would you want one? Simple, they are great for folk that vape frequently and find that they need several batteries throughout the day. No more will you have a pocket  or purse full of batteries ready to go, no more charging up a row of batteries the night before, simply take the passthrough – plug it into the pc (we suggest only those up to 3.7v use the pc, any higher you may need a 2amp AC to USB adapter, essential if you do go with a 5v P/T,) and vape away.


The Joye P/T is powered by the included (3.7v) battery, the USB power – from your lap top or wall charger – charges the battery, which in turn powers the atomizer.  What’s great about the Joyetech passthrough is that the cable can be removed-  (some don’t have this ability and you have to stay near the power source, or they are the other extreme and have a cable that can’t be removed but is feet long and you can get tangled up with it).


But once fully charged, the batery can last form 12-24 hours.


Passthroughs, well worth a look!

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