A look at 2012 through e-cig tinted glasses.

2012 started quietly enough, but then in February a gentleman in America fiddled around with his e-cig, modifying it in a way it shouldn’t have been, with the horrible result of it exploding in his mouth. This sent shock waves through the community with a flurry of posts explaining the dangers of stacking batteries.



Councils began to include vaping within their smoking ban remit, we started to her all about plain packaging for cigarettes and how the only folk that think it’s a good idea to introduce are the anti-smoking brigade – the Police certainly don’t like the idea, but we are hearing more and more about it, as it could soon be introduced here.


We saw the launch of the Odyssey e-cig, the first ever UK designed and manufactured e-cigarette, which led us through into the height of the summer when a bit of summer madness struck when a bus, on the M6, was pulled over and surrounded by the anti terror squad as someone saw some vape from an e-cig.


Putting the anti terror squad firmly behind us, the later half of the year looked promising enough – we saw research published – credible research – that shows that e-cigs are no where near as damaging for your heart as tobacco cigarettes, and that no one will inhale nicotine from your second hand vapour, but then things started to slide downhill with ‘Dalli-gate’. Mr Dalli the ex European Commissioner for Tobacco Products had to resign amidst allegations of fraud – a whopping £60 million fraud. There was a glimmer of hope that the directive would have to be altered due to this, but no, sadly all that it gave us was a lump of coal for Xmas, stating merrily on it their desire to see e-cigs banned.


So all in all a mixed year.


But what of the predictions for 2013?


Who knows, but one thing is for sure, we are going to have to stand up and be counted if we don’t want our freedom of vaping being taken away by some faceless lobbyist in Europe.

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