SSM? What’s that got to do with my e-cig?

SSM is stainless steel mesh, also known as wire cloth, and is the most commonly used wicking material in atomizers today, mainly due to its durability and long life.  Many Vapers say it provides a clean taste, but most importantly it doesn’t add particulate matter to the vapour you inhale.


SSM comes in different densities and weaves, and these will affect your vape, almost as much as the battery will.


While you are reading this – a good analogy to have in mind is the number of threads on your duvet cover, (assuming it is cotton) – the more threads, the higher the quality, as the number of threads affect the density and the amount of air that can get through.


Generally the thread range of an SSM atty is from 325 – 500, with many saying that 400 is the SSM thread ‘sweet spot’.


Now onto the weave, which is important for the amount of air that gets through – the tighter the weave, the better the vape.


Two types of weave – one is the standard weave, the other is called a twill weave, where strands are woven in one direction, and the third is woven perpendicular to it, reducing the amount of air holes, and allegedly this can take a 325 thread up to the same efficiency as a 400 thread.


So what SSM atty are you using? Do you know?


The more you find out about the technicalities around electronic cigarettes and vaping, the more you understand how your e-cig functions, why it does the things it does and how you can improve it.






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