Vaping at different Voltages, what is the difference? And why change atomiser?

A mini blog post today about a subject that those of you not of a scientific bent might be glad of- it is a few notes on voltages and atty’s, and how they can affect your vape.

Don’t run screaming for the hills – this is easy and I am going to do it in a list form so you will get it. I Promise. Maths and science are alien languages to me – and if I can get it – so can you.

Higher Voltages means more power. This generally means a stronger flavour, more vapour and more throat hit.  If you want to experience a different vapour or performance sensation, then you’ll need to go to a higher voltage (the vapour has been described as fuller and warmer) – but not always to the 5 or 6 volts mods. A small increase can make a huge difference.

With higher voltage – watch some of the flavours, as they don’t all respond well and they can turn disgusting on you, and it is advisable that you keep the atty wet, or else it taste like you are smoking your grannies electric fire.

Higher voltage can bring a dying atomiser back to life for a while, and this is probably because they burn off the gunk

Thicker e-liquids – like a 20/80 PG/VG mix will need higher voltage, as the thicker the juice, the more heat it needs – otherwise it congeals and makes a mess of your atomiser


What about atomisers? Why have they produced adaptors so you can chop and change?

If you want more flavour – then this is a scale I found on one of the forums:  OK = 510, better = 901, best = 801.

If you want more throat hit it is the other way round – OK = 801, better is 901, best is 510.

So if you are a middle of the road kind of person – then the 901 atomiser is the best for you.

Don’t worry about any of this though if you are happy with your e-cig –most folk get on quite nicely with a Tornado. : )



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