e-cigs will never be cool! Says who?

A blogger is causing a storm in a teacup with this opinion – explaining that tobacco cigarettes, “ They were cool because they are dangerous. They surround you in a protective cloud of deadly poison. By smoking a real cigarette, you symbolically tell the world: “I am too badass or, more likely, dumb to care that I am killing myself and others right for no particular reason. I am, in other words, the type of person that you want to f@8k.”


Well I wouldn’t entertain them in bed.

how cool are you?


It’s obvious this guy/gal is not the full shilling, as he/she argues that because you can vape anywhere – that is uncool, because e-cigs are inoffensive, that is uncool, because they are safer than tobacco cigarettes, that is uncool.


I’m not sure I fully understand this logic – is it cool to be smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day and be unable to breathe? Is it cool to smell like an ashtray?

Do you have to be destroying yourself to be cool?


Isn’t this type of thinking is very James Dean-esq and adolescent?

Isn’t there more ‘badass dudness’ or whatever you say when you are ‘cool’ in continuing to get your nicotine in a way that so less harmful, but more fun and more flavoursome? Isn’t that better?


And what about the ‘badass’ mods out there? They are more stylish and ‘cool’, and more importantly more individualistic than cigarettes, which is way cooler in my book. It’s so easy to be negative about something, especially if you don’t fully understand it, but this poor blogger has it all wrong, as it’s estimated that e-cigs will be more popular than tobacco cigarettes in 10 years time.


I think that is cool.


What do you think?




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