Why don’t Electronic Cigarettes use triple A batteries??

Good question, but it is all down to the science. This blog post is a rough guide to lithium batteries –and there is a little tip in here on how to extend your battery life- so read on, I will do my best to make this as pain free as possible.

The reason e-cigs use Lithium batteries are because they are feisty little monsters – they are small but hold a lot of power. They discharge at a steady rate, only falling off dramatically at the end. The majority of lithium batteries have a protection circuits; these prevent power surges and chemical reactions that causes the battery to be unable to hold its charge.

lithium ion battery

e-cig battery

Even though lithium e-cig batteries are re-chargeable -they do lose capacity over time, which is why they eventually die, and one of the factors involved in this loss is temperature. The best way to keep them running for longer is to keep  them  at a cool 20 degrees – (room temp really) which is easier said than done when they warm up a tad with some of the bigger (titan) e-cigs. But if this is done, the battery will lose about 10% of its capacity over a 12 week period. Also – only partially re-charge them, don’t re-charge to the max.

All this information has been taken from the Totally Wicked forum, I have plagiarised the hell out of a post by Crossbow –  he has pasted  lots of lovely graphs that explain very well the workings of these little monsters –and plenty of folk have chipped in with their knowledge too. The link to this thread is here:

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