Leaking tanks? Find the solution here!

A surprising number of customers contact us to tell us that their new device is leaking. For many, this can be quite alarming for them and often negative judgement is passed on the quality of the product before understanding that the problem of leaking is almost always due to inhaling technique. New users are particularly susceptible to the issue of leaking as they attempt to make the transition to electronic cigarettes from traditional ones. The following guide will attempt to highlight the causes and provide a solution in addition to general atomiser care.

Correct method of inhalation techniques:  The normal working temperature of an atomizer is up to 200°C. The proper method for inhalation requires slow and long inhalations to maximize the efficacy of the atomization process.


Cause: Very quick inhalations are much less effective as the atomizer will not have enough time to vapourise the liquid and flooding of the atomizer chamber can occur resulting in leaking from the connection/base of the atomizer body or cartomizer. Similarly, overly hasty inhalations can result in liquid feeding back up through the cartridge/cartomizer air path resulting in liquid entering the user’s mouth.

Solution:  In the event of leaking where the atomizer chamber has been flooded by excessive/over-hasty inhalation, immediately disconnect the battery and clean the connection with tissue to remove any liquid. Detach the cartridge/cartomizer from the battery and blow through the same on to a piece of tissue to remove any liquid that remains within the atomizer chamber before reassembling your device.

Advisable:  It is good practice to disassemble your device daily and clean the device components with tissue or a dry cloth to optimize longevity of the product.

After prolonged use of an atomizer there will be an accumulation of carbonization and impurities causing general degradaton of the atomizer’s heating coil. You may experience less vapor yield and/or a slight burning taste. This is normal and normally implies that the atomizer head is due for replacement.


Users with ‘Tank’ devices such as the eGo-C should also regularly replace the cartridge cap. These are often mistaken for the silicone covering cap that come with new cartridges which can be used as stoppers when cartridges with liquid inside are placed in storage. The cartridge caps themselves make up part of the cartridge and can be identified as the section of plastic with the small hole that rests on an atomizer spike. Whilst these are often quite stiff to remove for the first time they can be dislodged safely without breaking the cartridge. As the cartridge is repeatedly inserted and re-inserted into the atomizer in between refills the small hole can start to widen and will no longer remain snug around the atomizer spike. Whilst cartridge caps are sold as one time use items, replacing them once every four or five days is acceptable.


Generally speaking it is always advised for users not to use (inhale on) their electronic cigarette as they would with a traditional cigarette. Remember that there is no constant burning of tobacco leaves and whilst oxygen remains a catalyst in the atomization process when inhaling, this can be too much of a good thing.

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