Strawberries are radioactive.

. You didn’t know that did you? Well they are, and a science bloke says it’s true, so it must be.

What have strawberries got to do with e-cigs? Well follow me down this rabbit hole and you will find out.



Polonium 210 is found on tobacco leaves, and no amount of scrubbing will get it off. Polonium is radioactive, and has been proven to cause 1% of all lung cancers in the USA – according to one statistic that is a horrible 11.700 deaths a year. The Tobacco industry has known about polonium for about 40 years, and they have been conducting scientific research on it, but have not published said research. An article in the Independent this week is all about this. The Tobacco Industry stated in response to not publishing their findings that they didn’t want to ‘wake a sleeping giant’ – sounds scary so let’s not go there, let’s leave that to an intrepid journalist. But the article also states that folk get about 77.3% of their polonium from food, the rest would come from tobacco – if they were smokers. So the odds are pretty stacked against you getting polonium induced lung cancer just from smoking. You have to be addicted to a lot of strawberries too.

So, where am I going with this? We know that cigarettes are harmful; we know they are full of horrible chemicals, and now it appears radioactive ones too. We Know this.  Will they ban polonium laced strawberries? Will they ban all polonium containing food?  – hang on haven’t we been here before? Did someone mention Potatoes? Don’t they have something in them similar to tobacco leaves????

There is going to be stuff in everything we put in or on our bodies that could cause us harm. But this article got me thinking- Tobacco is synonymous with smoking, which is synonymous with cancer, chemicals, polonium and death. But Vaping Nicotine is a different entity.

Nicotine is taken from tobacco, but it is not tobacco.  Nicotine when taken in small doses is not harmful. Strawberries are known to be a healthy fruit – polonium content aside.

We don’t associate fruit with causing cancer.  We need to stop associating nicotine with analogue cigarettes and the disease they cause. I know this is a huge paradigm shift, but Vaping and e-liquid are separate – they are not tobacco, they are not the polonium in the cigarette or strawberry. People who take up vaping – 99.9% were smokers, and because it ‘replicates’ smoking – the association is there. But if the powers that be are to stop banning vaping, we need to help them change their associations.  Vaping Nicotine is not the same as smoking tobacco.

see the article.


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