Richard’s Response – Eleaf Lemo 3 Tank, A Review

tecc-e-cig-blog-richards-responseHello fellow vapers, this week I am doing something a little different to the norm as I’ve been getting quite a few of you asking about the stunning new tank from Eleaf, the Lemo 3.

Getting stuck in right away, the first thing about this tank is just how nice it looks. It is beautifully constructed from stainless steel and glass with a nice weightiness to it. A top fill design with an ample 4ml e-liquid capacity to keep you vaping all day.

Unlike its predecessor, the Lemo 3 can be used with either pre-made atomizer heads or a rebuildable coil, giving it that edge over the competition.

It is also one of the most complete tank packages Eleaf have ever produced, as it comes with the following:

– Spare glass tube
– TWO decks, one for RBA’s and one for EC attys
– Screwdriver to change between the decks
– Cotton sheet
– Spare o-rings
– 2 x EC atomizer heads
– Pre-made dual coil Clapton RBA
– A vaping multi-tool featuring tweezers and a grip for unscrewing parts – possibly the best tool you’ll ever own!

All these extras make the Lemo 3 tank a clear winner in my eyes!


So how does the Eleaf Lemo 3 perform?

I would say this is my favourite tank right now, mostly because it can utilise the fantastic stainless steel NotchCoil version of the EC atomizer head rated at 0.25ohm, when using my eVic VTwo mod, it performs astonishingly well.

You can easily switch between decks with two screws at the base of the tank, when using the dual Clapton coil on the RBA deck, I found it produced brilliant clouds as well as good flavour as you would expect from that kind of set up, it also wicked very well.eleaf-lemo-3-evic-vtwo-battery-mod

So to summarise, here are the key features as to why this tank deserves all the attention it is receiving:

– Comes boxed with some fantastic extras
– Looks, feels and oozes quality
– Generous 4ml e-liquid capacity
– Top-filling design makes refills easy
– The ability to dramatically change your vaping experience
– EC atomizers perfect for temp control or variable wattage
– That Vaping Tool is honestly the life saver I never knew I needed!

All in all, I have to say that this is an all-round great rebuildable tank, it functions well, it looks good, it’s the complete package and I believe Eleaf have gone above and beyond to include all the accessories.

You can find the tank on our website right here.

Until next time guys, happy vaping!


Stacey Snoops out new Vape Gear from Odyssey Engineering

odyssey-folder-blogHey vapers,

Stacey here…this week I am going to give you a sneaky peek in to a new and exciting product that is about to launch very soon.

The beauty about working in the E-commerce Team here at TECC is getting an early insight of all up and coming e-cigs, tanks, mods and development of all the latest vaping gear. I managed to have a chat with our Technical Director, Liam Humberstone today.

Using my best espionage skills, I squeeze some juicy gossip out of Mr Humberstone with regards to the latest, top secret info from the world of Odyssey Engineering.

What did I hear about? Only the opulent Odyssey BF Tank winging its way to the stock shelves!

What did you actually find out? What new features can this new tank offer me? I hear you ask.

Well, this tank is constructed right here in the UK using the finest components. It compromises of a beautifully curved stainless steel body with a borosilicate glass tank, 2ml e-liquid capacity and BF atomizer compatibility! With a wide range of resistances this really is a tank for all vapers, great on a huge variety of e-cigarettes including high power and variable temperature mods. All of this is backed by an incredible 5 year guarantee. The Odyssey BF tank is definitely going to be an investment for your vaping collection.

What more can you ask for from a tank?

This remarkable tank will be coming to you very soon so keep your ears to the floor and your eyes glued to your screen. Keep a look out for more vaping information, production secrets and launches right here on the TECC blog.

I’m off to do more snooping for you guys…

Bye for now!

Rachel’s Ramblings – 12 Vaping Pet Peeves

rachels-ramblingsLet me publically state I love vaping. I love vaping almost as much as I love having a moan. Vaping happens to be a hobby of mine and as with any passion in life there are pet peeves that inevitably come along with it.

These are 12 of my vaping pet peeves, due to the nature of this blog it’s best to note, these are my opinions only and not that of TECC.

“There is antifreeze in that e-liquid”

No there isn’t. Most vapers will have heard this one at some point. The ingredients within e-liquid are shared with many other products. This is the same as saying “there is fizzy drink in that bread” because they both contain sugar!

People using your e-cig without asking

Oh what are you vaping, *proceeds to pick up your e-cig and vape*, ultimate eye twitch moment for me! You wouldn’t do this with a strangers food, why is it open season when it comes to e-cigs?

People touching your mouthpiece

This might just be me, but I have no idea what you have touched previous to my mouthpiece and there is no way you have washed your hands to my standards. Don’t go pawing a fellow vapers mouthpiece…it’s just plain rude.

Cloud chasing competitions

Yes, these are a thing. I get that people are extremely passionate about their clouds, but I just find these competitions almost dangerous. Let’s build the lowest resistance build for the biggest cloud’s, in my opinion it’s just asking for trouble!

Obnoxious vapers

Clouds of vapour being blown into your face from your desk-neighbour is not pleasant, even as a vaper I find this obnoxious. It’s worse when I see people stood in groups of none vapers doing it. Come on guys, stop giving us a bad name.

Supermarket vapers

Why are you vaping walking round a supermarket? You wouldn’t have smoked while doing your shopping, vaping is no exception. Yes it’s technically still legal, but just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. Again, let’s stop giving vaping a bad name.

Novelty e-liquid flavours

There is no place for bacon or roast chicken e-liquid. Vomit inducing!

Setting off the fire alarm

Yes I know they are a lifesaving piece of equipment, yes I know that they are required by law a lot of the time, but for a vaper they are a right royal pain in the ‘you know what’. Especially when it’s the third time the office has been evacuated and you are getting the death stare.

“What are you smoking?”

I’m not, I’m vaping!!


I am expecting hate mail from a lot of vapers with this one, custard e-liquid…it smells like gone off butter and tastes even worse! I just don’t get the appeal.

What’s mine is yours

This is my husband’s pet peeve as I am the guilty party. In sickness and in health, what’s mine is yours, etc., etc. But when I have four mods set up ready to go, why do I insist on using my husbands?

I don’t know it always seems to taste better!!!


I love the concept, but this must surely be the most ridiculous word ever invented!

So these are my vaping pet peeves. Some of you won’t agree with me, if not tell me. What are your vaping pet peeves?

Until next time you lot, vape courteously!


Richard’s Response – How to Avoid Clogged Coils

tecc-e-cig-blog-richards-responseHello Vaping Fans! It’s been a little while since my last entry, so I thought I would post another (hopefully) useful piece of information for you on the topic of clogged coils.

We all hate it when this happens, you’re enjoying an awesome flavour, clouds everywhere then suddenly, your atty packs up with no obvious reason as to its demise.

Why does it occur? Is there anything you can do to stop it? The answer is absolutely yes you can.

Below I’ll try to guide you through some reasons as to why atomizers clog up…

With certain types and flavours of e-liquid, over time, a residue can build up on the wicking material and wire inside your atomizer head which can cause the draw to become tighter and a drop in overall performance. You may not necessarily get a burnt taste, it just won’t work like it should do, or even stop working all together.

E-liquids with stronger flavours usually tend to be darker in colour and are the biggest culprit, they contain flavour compounds that, while enhancing that much sought after flavour, cannot be vapourised completely – we call these ‘atty killers’ and always ensure to have a stash of spares handy!

Another aspect linked to the dreaded clogged coil is the size of the air flow holes on the atomizer body, if they are quite small there is a higher risk of the above mentioned compounds obstructing the holes and reducing the flow of e-liquid around the coil – this can become especially irksome if you favour thicker, VG heavy fluids.

So what can you do to stop this from happening?

The answer is simple, try an e-liquid with a higher AG content, these are more watery in consistency but still offer plumes of vapour with the right ratio mix – you’ll be glad to hear that all the e-liquid ranges available from TECC will work really well in a variety of atomizer heads.

Our Fatties Juice & Titus CC ranges are all made with a proportioned PG:AG mix making them less viscous while enabling you to happily create clouds of vapour and enjoy the benefits of VG without having to worry if your coil is going to give up the ghost during your summer weekends away in Blackpool!

Also, many sub-ohm coils are now manufactured with larger air flow holes, such as the CL 0.5ohm atomizer head with its 3.5mm holes to allowing for less restricted fluid flow in and around the coil and wicking material.

So there you have it, clogged coils are more of a feature than a flaw of cloud chasing but there’s always a solution to keep you vaping happy. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog today, and keep an eye out for more in the future!



If you have any questions for Richard, send an email to: with the subject ‘Richard’s Response’ and you could see your fears allayed on the TECC Blog!

So, a non smoker didn’t get addicted to nicotine after a month of vaping…….

vaping-e-cig-vapourWhat does this tell us?

According to the ‘facts’ nicotine is highly addictive – indeed under the new TPD regulations, e-cigarettes and e-liquid that contain nicotine have to have the following warning, “This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance, it is not recommended to be sold to non- smokers.”

See, nicotine is addictive.

But is it…….

(Before we go any further with this post – best to add the caveat that the non smoker involved in this is a Dr and TV presenter who did this for Horizon, and he had a load of tests done before and after the month of vaping.)

I’ve written about this before, and about how people ‘forget to vape’ and don’t panic if they leave their e-cig at home for the day, and how this raises the question of just how addictive is nicotine. Plus, I’ve always had a sneaky suspicion that the ‘fact’ people might have been wrong. After all, they can’t addict rats to nicotine, but they can humans?

Until the e-cig came along, the only way of getting nicotine, and a decent amount of it was through tobacco, be that snus, snuff, dipping, chewing or smoking it.  Everybody has been told that people use tobacco for the nicotine.

But is this really true?

The nicotine in tobacco is slightly different to the nicotine that you get in your e-liquid. The tobacco version contains Whole Tobacco Alkaloids (WTA’s). There are e-liquids with WTA’s and indeed if you search on the forums you find explanations such as the following: ‘Whole tobacco alkaloid e-liquid is different. It does not use nicotine purified from tobacco, but rather it uses the entire alkaloid content purified from tobacco. Instead of an e-liquid just containing nicotine as it’s active ingredient (as in regular e-liquid), a whole tobacco alkaloid e-liquid’s active ingredient list is around 90+% nicotine, and around 10% all the other alkaloids present in tobacco.’

See – tobacco.

In the main, as I’ve stated e-liquids don’t have WTAs in them, and we now have a confirmed case of a never smoker, vaping for a month on regular e-liquid and NOT becoming addicted.

And then the reasons for NRT not working fall into place…….

Smokers are addicted to the entire cigarette – the taste, the smoke, the chemicals, the additives, the nicotine head rush, the tobacco and the social and physical habits.

So when you stop – you are stopping an entire thing – not just the nicotine. Yet you are told it is the nicotine that is addictive. But haven’t you ever wondered why do they tell you to quit with a product laced with the very thing you are supposedly addicted to?

I’m going to suggest that the nicotine plays a very small part in the addictiveness of cigarettes/tobacco.  Replacing smoking with nicotine chewing gum means you get the head rush of nicotine, and you pretty quickly become addicted to the act of chewing gum – as it’s in your mouth and you believe that you are calming cravings of nicotine – when you possibly are not –instead, you are trying to calm cravings of the entire cigarette thing, when actually all you are doing is chewing gum.

A little bit of nicotine won’t cure a habit it only plays a small part in.

When going cold turkey, you know you have cravings, so you devise alternative things to do and just get on with it. Hence cold turkey being THE most effective way to get off cigarettes.

So is nicotine the red herring in all this quit smoking malarkey?

But you’ll say ‘I needed 34mg to switch from tobacco’, and I’m sure you did – but the higher the nicotine strength, the harsher the throat hit – and if you smoked a lot – 20+ a day – you kind of need that strong nicotine, as you are used to smoking, plus you need the throat hit to make the transition.

But soon you start to reduce, don’t you?

Yes, I am making a potential theory out of one man from the TV, but I hope we start to see a change in the way nicotine is viewed, because if one man didn’t get addicted after a month of vaping e-liquid with nicotine…. that must mean that very many more will be the same, and perhaps nicotine isn’t as addictive as we thought, and some proper research can be done to find this out for sure.


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