Has the propaganda war against e-cig been won?



Unless you have been hiding under the proverbial rock or studiously avoiding the news and press recently, you won’t have missed the relentless propaganda war against e-cigarettes.


And now we find that the rate of e-cig use is declining. See the chart from the Smoking Tool Kit.Ecig-prevalence


Is this because of the negative propaganda, or is this for other reasons?


Two prominent bloggers in the vaping blogosphere have written about this recently – one from each side of the ‘pond’, so we truly have a UK/USA perspective on this.


From the USA Dr Michael Siegel believes the anti smoking groups are doing their utmost to do more harm than good and he has publicly stated ‘ the insanity has to end’.


Public Health, has, in his opinion caused the decline because they are simply not embracing the concept of harm reduction. PH are clinging to an old paradigm that seriously needs to be let go of, i.e. 1) stop blaming Big Tobacco for e-cigs, because they didn’t enter the market until 2012, 2) there is now adequate research to show the benefits of vaping, so stop saying otherwise, 3) they are not a gateway to tobacco, and 4) no they are not 100% safe, but they are safer than tobacco, and they are of a magnitude less harmful.


However, the result of the cherry picking of junk science and the misinformation spread in the press now has many more people believing that vaping is just as harmful as smoking.


This is a very sad state of affairs.



Clive Bates from the UK takes a more measured look and wonders if there is more to it than just negative propaganda. He acknowledges that the propaganda is an issue and quotes Professor West, who said in an interview in the Financial Times, “ What they (press/PH) don’t say is the concentrations are negligible or the same as nicotine replacement therapy. In some cases they arise from using the e-cigarette in a way no one would use it.”


I believe this is in reference to the Formaldehyde scare stories.


Then Clive questions – could it be the e-cigarettes themselves?


Are they not good enough? Take the ciggi-like – the e-cig of choice for many a first time vaper – do they deliver the right amount of nicotine for someone switching? – Is the learning curve too steep for many? Are they too bulky? What about the initial costs? Are they just too damn fiddly?


And then what about the human factor? If you believed you were no better off vaping, why bother to switch? Why bother to change a habit?


I know I wouldn’t.


One person commenting on Clive’s post came up with the fact that perhaps people simply like smoking.

I know we are not supposed to admit to that, as every smoker is supposed to want to give up – but that is simply not true.


Plus e-cigs are not for everyone; we know that.


So perhaps it is a mixture of all of the above?


But on a more positive note, we also have to factor in those folk that have stopped both smoking and vaping. Because this is what harm reduction is all about. Move to a product that is less harmful, and if you want, use that product as a stepping-stone, or keep using it, because you are doing less harm.


Perhaps there can be a positive angle put on this after all.



Is Vaping giving you a dry mouth?

dry mouth


People new to vaping often find that they experience a dry mouth, something that never occurred when they smoked.


So why does this happen?


Because of the Propylene Glycol, more commonly know and referred to as PG. The PG is the part of the e-liquid that is the diluent and causes the smoke like vapour.


PG is one of the core ingredients in e-liquid, it is a hygroscopic substance and this means it absorbs water molecules and prevents them – in the case of vaping – from being absorbed in your mouth. The result is a dry mouth and you become a little dehydrated.


As you inhale the vapour and then exhale, some of the moisture in your mouth is swept up by the PG and exhaled. Some of you may be experiencing a little more than just a dry mouth – you may notice that your skin is becoming a little dryer, you may even experience the odd headache.


There is plenty of advice on the internet on how to deal with this issue, but by far the best and simplest advice I have read is from Spinfeul magazine, because not only does it tell you the why of why you have a dry mouth, it also gives you a little vaping ‘hack’ to combat the dehydration.


Most adults drink tea, coffee, wine, beer, soda etc., but what they don’t realise is that many of these drinks also contain hygroscopic substances – like sugar, and both tea and coffee are both diuretics, which means they make you pee out more fluid. So if you are thinking I’ll just increase the number of brews I have when I vape, you won’t actually be making the situation any better, you could in fact be making it worse!


What you need to do is drink more water, and I appreciate that it’s something many of us find rather dull and boring. Plus, what makes it even harder is the ‘drink 8-10 glasses a day!’ bandwagon that guilt trips you into it.


This is where the vaping hack comes in. In the USA they say drink 8 cups a day, and 1 cup amounts to about 8oz of water.


That’s not a lot to be honest.


So… when you have your usual drink of tea, coffee, whatever, have a small glass of water either before it – or alongside it. If you can get into this habit – you will drink more water, you will no longer have a dry mouth, your hydration levels will increase, your headaches associated to the dehydration will vanish, and you’ll be a happier vaper!



A TECC story with a difference to bring in the New Year

A customer of ours wrote into us just before Christmas, and because it was such a different letter,  we wanted to share it with all of you. This letter makes  a total change from the horrible stories about ‘e-cig’ house fires that have been plaguing the press, and it shows that if you get the right device for you, (with a little ingenuity on the family side!) – then vaping is easy.


This is the letter from Joanna Moss.  cigarete burns


“I am delighted and amazed that my mother has adjusted to the silver Titan Tank e-cigs in lieu of her beloved white cigs!  I had managed to replace her dangerous smoking habit with Titan Tank (her age and lacking memory had caused a plethora of increasing burns all around the house, particularly her bed and bedding  (replaced 4 times by the Fire Department, having become ‘lace’ – to the degree that she was listed with the Fire Department as ‘Dangerous Risk…’ and they made constant visits…).  She is now listed ‘No Risk’ and is off their books!!!


But it was the similarity to cigarettes that the white model represented which enabled the shift.  The silver ones proved useless as she mistook them for pens and therefore could not find them…  The black ones disappeared amongst the colours of her upholstery and carpets and were lost forever.


Note form the Editor (But then we stopped selling the white ones!)


The solution to white models which are no longer manufactured?  We removed all pens from the house, replacing them with a dozen fluorescent pink pens in front of her on her table.  But graciously, we told her that she is now an honoured customer of TECC being your oldest user of e-cigs, and consequently she has been awarded a life-time’s supply of your exclusive highest range silver models!!



We hope this letter makes you smile as much as it did us. Receiving letters like this makes our job absolutely worthwhile, because we are not just in the business of selling; we are in the business of being of service.





Governmental advice regarding e-cigarette safety.

(This was going to be a news item, but as the Xmas opening times are firmly on the front page, we‘ve turned it into a blog post, so if it reads like a bit like a news item – you know why!)



The Government has recently issued advice and outlined the measures they are taking to ensure e-cigarette safety for consumers. The advice comes after a spate of house fires attributed to incorrect use of e-cigarettes.


However, to date in the UK there have been 43 fires attributed to e-cigarette use, (and this is 43 too many) but this figure must be put into perspective and context. Fires caused by e-cigarettes amount to 0.1% of all fires within the United Kingdom, with last year alone there being 2,318 fires attributed to tobacco cigarettes.


So you can see the difference; but like I said, 43 is 43 too many.


The Fire Minister Penny Mordaunt MP said, “Fire safety is our first priority, which is why it is important to make sure consumers have access to good advice on these products, including tips on how to minimise any risk of accidents from over-charging or faulty chargers”.


The Department of Business, Innovation and Skills have at the same time commissioned Trading Standards to investigate further the current e-cigarette situation, to assess if current safety information is sufficient and if there is anything further than can be done.


Closing down rogue fly-by-night e cig traders could be a start!


The Government’s e-cigarette safety guidelines are as follows and The Electronic Cigarette Company welcomes them.



  • Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer carefully
  • Take notice of any warnings supplied with the product
  • Ensure that e-cigarettes are not left charging for long periods of time
  • Do not leave e-cigarettes plugged in overnight or when you are out of the house
  • Look for the CE mark that indicates chargers comply with European Safety standards
  • Do not overload plug sockets
  • Check that your electrical products have not been recalled
  • Avoid buying counterfeit or substandard goods and switch off appliances at the socket when not in use


Here at TECC we take customer safety very seriously, and as such send out safety information with each kit. This information can also be found on the website here: http://www.theelectroniccigarette.co.uk/products/e-cigarette-kits/tecc-tornado-v3/tornado-v3-starter-kit-and-e-liquid-product.html

You’ll find the information is under the Warranty and Product care tab where there is a down loadable PDF document, specifically for battery care that customers can print off for their own use.


Please be safe, use your e-cig sensibly and follow the instructions! You don´t want to become a statistic.

Can e-cigarettes really infect your pc with Malware?

There’s been quite a stir in the e-cig Industry this week, it might have been blown slightly out of proportion, but this is something that is very well worth examining.




Can your e-cig corrupt your pc with Malware when you plug it in to recharge?


This whole story has come about due to a post by a man on Reddit , a social media site, and as you would expect there are a few conflicting stories – according to one source this is simply a ‘story’, from another the name of the malware was SpyWare and is designed to get information from your pc and send to another source that will no doubt be up to no good.

The Guardian reported “The made in China e-cigarette had malware hardcoded into the charger, and when plugged into a computer’s USB port the malware phoned home and infected the system.”


So who do you believe?


There has been plenty of debate on the likely hood of this happening, below are a few comments I have lifted from Facebook:

“Sounds pretty unlikely to me – especially if you’re buying your e-cigs from proper sources and not buying one from the market or a pound shop.

“Any USB charged device – phone, mp3 player etc – could be susceptible to malware. “

“ I would not rule it out as a possibility! After all, memory chips are extremely tiny these days and can be fitted practically anywhere! Though I cannot think of any reason an e-cig manufacturer would bother to do such a thing, it is still possible! 

“It’s “possible” but unlikely.”

“‪There would have to be storage on the device that had enough memory to hold an .exe file, this would also require the user to run the file to install any kind of malware, there would have to be an “autoplay” script included on the device for the file to auto-install, but decent anti-malware software should stop this.”‪Basically, if there is any files on a usb device that you are unsure of, DO NOT open them and turn off autoplay “

“Somebody possibly asked Trend Micro could an e-cig do any damage. Trend is a very reputable company, and they answered the question correctly, yes it is possible. The real question is “is it likely”. Personally I charge off wall sockets mainly because I move desks, offices a lot during the day and can’t manage to have an e-cig hanging out of it. You should be cautious of anything you put in a usb slot but tbh you are more likely to be infected by spyware belonging to a foreign government than by this.


Further research on this subject finds an excellent post on the ‘naked security’ site, (link at the end). And they discuss the possibility of e-cigs infecting your PC.

First they describe that USB’s have made charging really simple and easy, and that the majority of USB are fairly basic, have only the power related parts connected and they can’t do any damage.

However, if the USB is part of a device that stores data, then it will be able to communicate in some way with your pc, should that be where you are charging your e-cig.

They write:

“To stick with the example of e-cigarettes, they fall into two main camps. In one kind the “charger” is just a simple adaptor, with a USB connector at one end and a screw thread at the other which connects to the business end of the e-cigarette battery.


“In the other “the “battery” connects via a standard micro-USB socket on the device itself, so it can be used while charging. This type tends to be rather more sophisticated, with adjustable power outputs and even LED displays showing settings – for which of course there must be some sort of processing going on inside.

With the first kind there’s very little danger – the charging adaptor would have to be carefully modified to include some data-carrying kit, which could potentially just about fit inside, the connectors would need tweaking so not only the power ones were enabled, and the data on it would have to be set up to somehow attack any machine it is connected to.


Not completely impossible, but rather a lot of effort for anyone to go to on the off-chance that they may end up infecting a PC or two.”

So there you have it – probably not worth worrying about – but if you are a worrier, make sure you have updated your Anti-Malware, and buy from reputable vendors!







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