TECC Customer Reviews – Mia’s arc Lite E-cigarette

blog-tecc-customer-reviewsHi, my name is Mia and I would like to share my experience of using the arc Lite e-cigarette bundle.

I was very excited when my package arrived just one day after it was dispatched. I opened it up and found that the tank, battery and bottle of e-liquid were all nicely packaged safely and in separate boxes.

CS Air Atomizer tank.

I opened this first and was very impressed at how clean and sparkling it was. Some new tanks require a clean before first use due to machine residue but this one was definitely ready for the get go. With it being glass I needn’t worry about certain e-liquids affecting my tank over time, or worse causing it to crack.

This is a bottom fill tank and is really easy to use; the base is ridged meaning it is very easy to grip. I unscrewed the base and checked the fitted atomizer head was firmly in place, filled my tank up (avoiding the central chimney as this is airflow outlet), reattached the base, then left it to sit for 5 mins so the e-liquid had chance to soak into the coil so that it wouldn’t dry-burn.

arc Lite Battery.

The arc Lite battery was presented in a sturdy box containing really easy to follow instructions, a 510 adaptor and a charger. The instructions were short, snappy and easy to understand.

The 510 adaptor comes in handy if you want to use a different tank with the battery – it’s so you can use a tank that has a skirted base. Whilst I probably won’t use this, it’s still a good idea to keep it safe just in case anything happened to my tank and I needed to use a temporary tank that could possibly require this attachment.

Straight away I was impressed with the USB charger as the length of cable was very generous – yes sometimes size matters – as you can use the arc Lite as a pass-through, meaning whilst it’s charging you can vape at the same time, I find this a must have in vaping devices.

I got the pearl white colour and it really does live up to its name! This is a neat, compact and rather small battery mod considering there’s a lot of power packed into it. It is also lightweight, which I really like, it means you’re not constantly aware you’re holding something and can really enjoy the vape.

Now my coil is nicely primed.

I simply screwed my CS Air Atomizer tank onto the arc Lite battery (while making sure not to over tighten the tank), pressed the power button and vaped away!

The draw wasn’t too loose nor too tight but I decided to experiment and loosen the airflow adjustment screw slightly, I used some eyebrow tweezers to very carefully turn the little screw head (a mini screw driver is definitely something I would have liked to have seen included, but hey!). I must add, at one point lost my little grub screw, but we were re-united so don’t worry! However, I decided I preferred the airier draw and put the screw somewhere safe, just in case I wanted a tighter draw in future.

The option to adjust the airflow gets a big thumbs up from me; I have accomplished over two years of vaping and while I appreciate the airier draw now, going back to when I first ditched the nasties I think a tighter draw appealed more, since it was closer to the smoking sensation.


On to the settings.

This little mod produced a more than adequate vape and the flavour was wonderful but me being me, I decided to experiment.

The arc Lite battery has two output modes; regulated and unregulated – regulated means the output will remain at 3.5V until the battery is discharged, whilst unregulated means it will have a higher output of 4.2V which diminishes to 3.3V over the period of the discharge – the higher the voltage, the more vapour will be produced.

So I turned off the battery by clicking the button 5 times, held the button in until it turned an orange colour, then clicked again 5 times and voilà, as easy as that, I was in unregulated mode (to get back in regulated simply do the same again) – straight away I noticed more vapour, and I liked it even more than before, before it was good, now it was amazing!

However this is my personal preference and there are pro’s for both modes;

The pro’s of unregulated mode are you get a bigger nicotine hit, great for that first vape of the day, you also get  more vapour production if you enjoy the clouds.

The pro’s of regulated mode are that the charge lasts longer and if you’re not a fan of a harsh throat hit, it’s a smoother vape.

The battery capacity of the arc Lite is 2200mAh and paired with a 1.5ohm coil, it lasted me around a day of moderate to heavy vaping before needing a charge, which I think is pretty good. After taking a vape you will see a light around the power button, now that light is telling you how much charge you have left. It will pulse slow if the battery has over 60% charge left, and slowly start to pulse faster the more the battery is drained, I found this a very good indicator of when to charge.tecc-customer-e-cig-review-mia-arc-lite-vaping

Having used this device for a little over a week I can say with no doubt I am impressed with the quality! I would recommend this arc Lite e-cigarette bundle to anyone from a complete newbie (as it really is very simple) to the intermediate vaper like myself. The only negative I have of this entire bundle is the fact the tank didn’t come with a little screw driver.


I trust TECC 100% and advise anyone who wants a safe, quality device to buy one from a reputable company such as TECC.

The device has not let me down, I feel proud when I’m out and about holding and vaping it. The battery is long-lasting, the vapour and flavour production is very good and more than satisfying for me, even after a week of using it the coil is still going strong!

Richard’s Response – It’s All About the E-liquid

tecc-e-cig-blog-richards-responseHello fellow vapers and welcome to this week’s instalment of Richard’s Response, today’s topic is about the bases used in TECC e-liquids and how they can affect your vaping experience.

So firstly what is PG?

PG (Propylene Glycol) is a clear, hygroscopic liquid which is colourless and nearly odourless but possesses a faintly sweet taste. Chemically, PG is classed as a diol and is miscible with a broad range of solvents, including; water, acetone and chloroform. It’s quite a thin liquid and it is the part that provides the ‘throat hit’ in our e-liquids, that rough sensation you get at the back of your throat on the inhale. Most electronic cigarette fluids will contain propylene glycol, and indeed TECC’s entire range does.

The majority of atomizers on the market are designed for use with an equal or higher PG ratio, as these e-liquids are usually more ‘watery’, which soaks very well into the atomizer wicking material around the heating coil.

The general mix for most e-liquids is a 50:50 ratio (50% PG to 50% VG). Some fluids have a higher PG ratio, which we have in the TECC Titan E-Liquid and are 70PG:30VG.

Using 50:50 ratio e-liquid will give you a good balance between vapour and throat hit, plus most coils will not miss a beat whilst vaping on them.

Now on to the VG…

VG (Vegetable Glycerin) has seen a huge surge in popularity over the last couple of years. VG is a simple polyol (sugar alcohol) compound. Again this is a colourless, odourless liquid, widely used in the food industry. VG provides those big, beautiful clouds of vapour and masses of sweet flavour.

E-liquid with a higher VG content tends to be quite thick and ‘syrup-like’ in consistency. You have to be careful with some VG fluids as they can clog an atomizer up in no time at all – VG has been the reason behind many coil burnouts. This is because the wicking holes are too small for the thicker VG based e-liquid to flow through, and the liquid cannot soak properly through the wicking material onto the heating coil which causes it to dry burn when you press the power button.

High VG ratio e-liquids are best suited to RBA’s (rebuildable atomizers), RDA’s (rebuildable dripping atomizers) and sub-ohm atomizers that have large atomizer heads and subsequently larger wicking holes to accommodate the thicker consistency of the fluid.

With e-liquids that have the VG:PG ratio of 70:30 or 80:20, the throat hit is subtler and nowhere near as harsh. These e-liquids are for delivering voluminous clouds of vapour and are great for direct lung inhalation (though please note, you need to be a seasoned vaper to try this as you need to really understand what you are doing!).

Our TECC Titus CC E-liquid has a 25:75 PG:VG ratio and is perfect for large clouds and great flavour, Mango & Lychee is a real favourite!

So, there you have it – not as complex as you thought it was going to be! To summarise; more VG makes for more Vapour, heavier PG will be harsher on the throat – we have every kind of vape for any kind of vaper.

Not sure which type of e-liquid is for you, take a look at the TECC E-liquid Trio and get yourself one from each range.

Happy vaping!


If you have any questions for Richard, send an email to: info@theelectroniccigarette.co.uk with the subject ‘Richard’s Response’ and you could see your fears allayed on the TECC Blog!

Richard’s Response – The Do’s and Don’ts when Travelling Abroad with an E-cig

tecc-e-cig-blog-richards-responseHello Again Vapers! These blogs seem to come around quickly don’t they? Today’s topic is all about taking your e-cig abroad, what to do and what not to do.

We brits love going on holiday, it’s the one thing we really look forward to in the year, sun (hopefully!), sea…and your e-cig?

Taking your electronic cigarette along with you on your travels is something that most vapers would consider to be a no-brainer, so here are a few tips on how to ensure your device is working perfectly throughout your stay, all from personal experience of course!

Stock up.

Ensure you have purchased enough spares to see you through your trip. You should be thinking about atomizer heads, e-liquid, a spare battery and even a spare tank. It’s always best to be prepared, and avoids the nightmare of being without your e-cig.

Check ahead.

Before you set off, contact your airport and airline to see what their policies are regarding vaping and taking your e-cig on-board. Most airlines now have vaping policies on their websites. Also check that your destination country allows e-cigarettes as some will not let you enter the country with your e-cig.

Be prepared.

Your e-cig, its components and 1 small bottle of e-liquid should be kept in your hand luggage, this includes removable batteries. There are laws about this so once again, check ahead. It’s better to be prepared than have your luggage opened delaying that long needed holiday. It’s worth noting at this point to only fill your tank part way (I’ll explain further down).

Be prepared again.

At the airport make sure to only carry 1 small e-liquid bottle in your hand luggage in the resealble plastic bag so you can present it correctly through security. This goes for any tanks that may be filled with e-liquid – remove from your battery and place in the plastic resealable bag during luggage checks! Any extra fluid you may need for the duration of your trip should be stored in your hold luggage in a sealed bag to protect from spillage.

Please note that although taking anything bearing the skull and crossbones mark are generally prohibited, most airport staff tend to understand e-liquid is different, as all responsibly manufactured e-liquid will bear this warning sign and it is not usually a source of problems (11 flights and 11 departures lucky so far!)

Be prepared once more!

Before you take off make sure your tank is as empty of e-liquid as once you’re on-board and the cabin is pressurised, the last thing you want is for your e-liquid to expand and leak out or for your glass tank to crack which would be really inconvenient to find once you have landed in the middle of Orlando, ready for your once in a lifetime Disney trip without an e-cig store in sight! Your best bet is to dismantle your e-cig and store your empty tank in the plastic bag during the flight.

When you have finally landed.

If you follow these handy tips you should find that your precious e-cig will still be intact and ready to go after a quick fill up. Let me tell you that first vape when you land is absolutely fantastic after being cooped up in a plane.

And finally, avoid the sun.

Keep your e-cig out of direct sunlight. Heat can affect your battery and can also make your e-liquid slightly runnier; the last thing you want is popping your e-cig down next to you on the beach only to find all your e-liquid gone a few moments later.

If you follow my tips for how to travel and of course some simple common sense, in most cases you will have a stress free check-in and flight to your dream holiday location (or maybe just Benidorm, but we all love Benidorm!)

Have a great Easter everyone. See you all when you get back!


*Please note: The above advice is given from a personal point of view, please do ensure to check first with any airline company before taking your electronic cigarette on board and be aware of their individual guidelines. Also check with the destination country to see if the items would clear customs.

Richard’s Response – Why Temperature Control Vaping is Good for New Vapers

tecc-e-cig-blog-richards-responseHello to all you fellow vapers out there! This week I want to share a little bit of information about the wonderful world of temperature control (TC) vaping.

What is it? How does it work? Is it complicated? How will it benefit me? These are some of the questions TECC customers ask and I hope to answer these for you in the first instalment of Richard’s Response.

First of all, what is temperature control (TC) and how does it work?

Temperature control (TC) lets you control the temperature of the atomizer head you are using in your e-cig tank. Instead of using wattage to heat the coil inside your atomizer (which can continue to get hotter as you press your button to vape), you set the maximum temperature. For example, set the temperature to 450°F, then when you vape, the e-cig battery will heat the coil up to the set temperature. Your e-cig will then regulate itself to maintain that coil temperature which results in a consistent vaping experience.

It’s great for people who don’t like their e-cig coils getting overly hot, which some can find uncomfortable with typical sub-ohm e-cig tanks.

Another brilliant thing about temperature control (TC) vaping is that it is not overly complicated.

Yes the screens and information displayed can look a little intimidating at first, but it is genuinely simple to use. Select the mode you want to be in, and depending on what type of atomizer head you used (Temp Ti for titanium atomizers is a personal favourite of mine when used with my Joyetech eVic-VTC Mini!), you then lock your atomizer resistance into place using the menu.  Once you have set your temperature, with 450°F – 480°F usually being a good bet, its ready to vape!

(Don’t forget to prime your atomizer first though by leaving it to soak for a good 10 minutes before vaping.)

How will temperature control vaping benefit you?

There are a lot of compelling reasons why using a TC e-cigarette could benefit new vapers, here are a few key ones;

  1. Reduced e-liquid consumption – temperature control e-cigs, set to a reasonable output, will use less fluid and require less frequent refills meaning buying less e-liquid, which is all money saved!
  2. Increased battery life – as there is not as much demand being put on the e-cig to reach your set temperature (depending on settings), in turn will keep you vaping for longer between charges.
  3. Atomizer heads can last longer – as temperature control vaping can result in less dry-hits and burnt coils, you could save money on replacement atomizer heads.

All in all, there are plenty of reasons why new vapers should start out with a temperature control (TC) e-cig, they can save you money and can be more economical on battery life, e-liquid and atomizer heads. Perhaps one of the best reasons of all is it’s a great excuse to own a seriously cool piece of kit!

If you have any questions for Richard, send an email to: info@theelectroniccigarette.co.uk with the subject ‘Richard’s Response’ and you could see your fears allayed on the TECC Blog!

Until next time guys…


Mandatory Leak Free Refilling of Tanks; What Will This Mean For Me?

Leak free refilling of e-cigarettes is a mandatory requirement of the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), which is due to come into force this May.

This should mean that all devices will have leak free refilling mechanisms, but as you read on, you will realise this will not be the case. Due to all the pressure that the UK government has received from vapers, they have realised that e-cigarettes are a force for good and that the TPD probably isn’t. As such, they have done their best to be as relaxed with the TPD interpretations as they can be.  There is now a ‘period of grace’ granted for one year, where old stock that doesn’t meet the TPD criteria can be sold off. This will mean that you as a vaper probably won’t notice any immediate impact of the TPD.

What you might notice though is that your now 10ml bottles of e-liquid will have a 1cm nozzle from which you will have to dispense the e-liquid from. Many bottles already have this nozzle, but this will become the norm. Glass bottles with pipettes will go, and any nicotine containing e-liquid can only be sold in 10 ml bottles, no larger.

(We will leave the environmental impact of this decision to another post, but suffice to say if you vape 3-5 mls a day, you’ll be using at least 3 bottles a week, which is around 156 bottles a year, and there are 2.2 million vapers at least in the UK – that is a lot of plastic bottles in landfill sites.)

We also have to bear in mind that nothing has been fully agreed yet as to what this leak free law really means in practicality, which is stunning when implementation is only two months away.

There has been a consultation on this aspect of the TPD, the closing date was the 21st of Jan, and we await their decision; but what does the proposed Commission Implementing Decision actually require?

Article 2

Requirements for the refill mechanism 

  1. Member States shall ensure that refillable electronic cigarettes and refill containers are only placed on the market if the mechanism by which the electronic cigarettes are refilled complies with one of the following conditions:
    • it entails the use of a refill container possessing a non-detachable nozzle at least 1cm long, which is narrower than and slots comfortably into the opening of the tank of the electronic cigarette with which it is used and possessing a flow control mechanism that emits no more than 20 drops of refill liquid per minute when placed vertically;
    • it operates by means of a docking system which only releases refill liquids when the electronic cigarette and refill container are connected.
  1. Member States shall ensure that refillable electronic cigarettes and refill containers include appropriate instructions for refilling including graphic illustrations as part of the instructions for use required by Article 20(4)(a)(i) of Directive 2014/40/EU. Refillable electronic cigarettes and refill containers with a refill mechanism of the type referred to in paragraph 1(a) shall indicate the width of the nozzle or width of the opening of the tank in the instructions for use in a manner that enables consumers to identify the compatibility of refill containers and electronic cigarettes.

Option 1 is the one that we understand to be the most favoured by e-cigarette companies, as it means that if the bottle is slightly tilted i.e. not fully vertical, the flow of the e-liquid will be slightly faster than 20 drops per minute, and as all the bottles will be plastic, (one hopes a soft plastic), they can be squeezed to increase the flow.

If not, as several commentators have pointed out – it could take anywhere from three to five minutes to refill a 2ml tank.

But vapers, as we know, are an inventive lot and one has to ask what is the size, weight or measurement of a drop?  We also have to remember that the PG/VG ratio will affect the flow, with higher PG e-liquid flowing slightly faster than higher VG e-liquid. One commentator has estimated with high VG it could take about 4 minutes for about 20 drops to come out of a vertical bottle. Whether this is true or not will be reliant upon many variables, and as stated is only one person’s comment.

However, to wait that length of time will only cause frustration to many, and then people will take the refilling into their own hands, create their own mechanisms, snip off the top, they will adapt and redesign it so that they can refill in seconds. That could actually lead to more problems, with higher chances of leakage.

One has to wonder at the people that thought this all up, but evidently didn’t think it all through.

The rules mention a nozzle that slots comfortably into the opening. This opening will need to have room for air gaps, otherwise there are going to be issues with the refilling, so again, even with this design, this will not be completely ‘leak free’.

As you can tell from this post, there is still much ambiguity about all this; it is still not clear, and as already stated, only two months to go!

But either way, as a vaper you will only start to notice these changes as the year progresses and as we get into 2017.

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