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Savings Calculator

Based on the average price of £8.50 per packet of 20 branded cigarettes. The cost of vaping per day has been estimated with the following products and the average use of 2ml of fluid per day:

Kit cost: £24.99 annual
e-Liquid (30ml lasting 2 weeks): £337.74 annual
Spare coils (2 every 8 weeks):* £29.94 annual
Spare batteries (1 every 8 weeks):* £77.94 annual
* approximate    

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What are Electronic Cigarettes?

An electronic cigarette consists of up to 3 components, a lithium rechargeable battery (automatic or manually operated), an atomizer or cartomizer and/or nicotine filled cartridge.

The component parts of an Electronic Cigarette.

Battery - The lithium battery is available in different mAh variations.The smallest e-cigs carry 90 - 180mAh and the larger batteries 340 - 1000mAh. The size of the battery will impact on its capacity and life span.

Atomizer - The atomizer contains the heating element used to heat the nicotine liquid to produce the water based vapour which is  inhaled. The charge from the battery heats up the coil within the atomizer.

Cartomizer - This is a combination of both the cartridge and atomizer in one single unit. This is a disposable item therefore will degrade over time with use.

Cartridge - The mouthpiece containing the nicotine fluid which is inserted into the atomizer. The liquid is heated turning into vapour which is then inhaled.

What are the benefits?

Cost- One of the many benefits to using an electronic cigarette, is the cost savings that are involved. By using our money saving calculator you can work out exactly how much you can save.

Freshness - With an e-cig there are no more smoke smells or yellow stained fingers. The odourless water based vapour that is emitted means no more unpleasant tobacco smoke.

The menu - A refreshing selection of mouth-watering e-liquid flavours. With 2 different pre-mixed brands to choose from and the option to mix your own individual flavours to your taste!

Freedom - By switching to the alternative of e-cigs you can use your device indoors or public places as it is completely legal to use. There is no passive smoking or pollution of the air. Everyone can breathe easy!

Individuality - With various sizes, colours and types of e-cigs available individuality expression and creativity are only limited by imagination.

How do they work?

With either a Tank or a Cartomizer system, by connecting the components together, the charge from the lithium battery powers the atomizer to heat up the element contained inside. When the liquid is drawn into the atomizer chamber it is then heated which will transform the water based liquid into vapour.